Dealing With Redness? Here Are The Common Triggers For Skin Redness & How One Can Treat It?

So did you wake up today with a red patch on your skin? You know your body is trying to tell you something about this redness but isn’t telling you about what the problem is or how to fix it. When you don’t give your skin proper care and attention, which it needs, it can lead to various skin issues. Well, yes, even after following a skincare routine rigorously, we end up having a few skin problems and one of the major problems is red skin.

While skin redness isn’t such a big deal as it is normal to have a little colour on your cheeks while passing by a cute guy (joking). Sometimes the problem goes on its own, other times it can be a major sign of serious skin issues like infection or a chronic skin disease that requires a doctor’s assistance.

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For some people, it might disappear in a day or two while for some it may take longer to heal and causes a lot of discomfort. The question arises how can we figure out what exactly we are dealing with? Since we all know that redness usually comes along with other symptoms, so it’s our duty to take note of what our skin is going through. Well, we have jotted down some causes of skin redness and what they look like & how we can try to fix them. Keep on reading to find out!

Contact Dermatitis

If you wake up and notice a red, itchy rash on your skin, chances are you have contact dermatitis. It is caused when our skin comes in direct contact with a substance that leads to an allergic reaction. These substances can be a harsh soap, detergent, makeup, bleach, skin care products to even hair dyes. Contact dermatitis is not harmful but it does cause discomfort to your skin.

When the rash is caused by harsh soap or bleach, it’s called irritant contact dermatitis. On the other hand, when it’s caused by an allergen, like nickel in jewelry, it’s called allergic contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis symptoms include itchiness and redness that could be accompanied by dryness, burning, swelling, blistering, and sensitivity. The symptoms can come on quickly but in allergic contact dermatitis it can take up to a few days to show up. While in Irritant contact dermatitis, it may appear only after repeated exposure.

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The best way to treat it is to first get rid of the allergens that are causing it. You can also use over-the-counter creams or COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml which calms down your skin well. This Essence transforms your skin while keeping it moist in a healthy way. It also has the ability to repair from dry patches to acne breakouts with regular use.


If you have spent hours out in the sun and your skin feels itchy to touch or blistered, chances are that you are probably dealing with sunburn. It is caused when the harmful UV rays of the sun damage the skin tissue resulting in painful itchy redness. We get it you must be associating sunburns with sunny hot days but mind it is possible in cloudy days as well (better you take precautions). These mild sunburns tend to be red and a little itchy. And after a few days, the affected skin starts to peel or flake.

Comparatively, treating sunburn is easy. One can cool the overexposed area by taking shower and apply aloe vera gel on the damaged area. Most importantly, to avoid getting any sunburn, never leave your house without wearing sunscreen. Goodal HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA CALMING Sunscreen Cream 50ml is one of the best sunscreens and comes with strong UV protection SPF50+ PA++++.

Do your cheeks and nose look blushing, you might be suffering from a skin condition called Rosacea. The skin issue causes a red rash around the cheeks, chin, and nose and it looks swollen. Yes, even your skin is prone to breakouts. Well, genetics and your immune system are some of the major reasons for this particular skin issue.

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Well, honestly there is no cure for Rosacea but you can always take measures to avoid all kinds of symptoms. Since it is an inflammatory skin issue, avoid stressors like alcohol, sun exposure, spicy food, and more to avoid redness. Also, try to minimize your sun exposure by always wearing sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat. It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block 50ml has SPF50+ PA+++ that takes care of both your face as well as the body. It has Aloe Vera extracts that keep your skin hydrated and fresh all day long!

Heat Rash

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It can happen when you get sweaty but your blocked pores let the sweat get trapped under your skin. Well, it happens often in hot and humid weather. Heat rash leaves a lot of red pimples like bumps especially on your chest, back, shoulders, and neck. Well, sometimes it might feel prickly and itchy.

Usually, a heat rash gets cleared up on its own in max 3 to 4 days. But in the meantime, the best way to deal is by keeping your skin sweat-free and cool. Apply cool compresses if you feel itchy and avoid products with alcohol content. Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner 160ml is a perfect solution for sensitive skin in your daily life. It contains 85% Bamboo water which helps the skin to retain moisture and freshness.
Skin Infection

Skin Infection can be caused by fungi, viruses, or bacteria. Oftentimes, the infection gets developed from sores, open wounds especially ones which aren’t kept clean. These mild infections are swollen, tender, and red, while more serious ones might get ooze pus and blisters.

Skin Infection in back

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The treatment of skin infections totally depends on its type. Ointments like antifungal and antibiotic cream as well as cool compresses can help to soothe the healing process and ease the pain. But one should consult their doctor for the best treatment for their infections.

Well, keeping skin redness at bay totally depends on the specific condition we all are trying to avoid. But in cases, redness happens accidentally and can be tough to avoid. The best rule of thumb is to monitor your symptoms and keep your doc in the loop for such emergencies!

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