Ultimate Guide On Different Types Of Acne And Their Causes

Acne on the face are like unwanted guests, they come home and stay as long as they like. And especially when you have a crazy event ahead to attend, right? You will never hear a sane person saying, ‘I adore acne’. Well, there’s a reason behind it. It’s an unsightly, annoying skin condition most of us have endured at some point in our lives. Not only the stubborn skin intrudes refuses to budge until you notice someone’s flawless skin and question your skin. Yes, that’s what karma meter hits up!

Acne is fluid-filled bumps resulting from the excess production of sebum and dead skin cells trapped under our skin pores. As if one acne wasn’t enough for us, there is a family of acne that we need to know so that accordingly the treatment is done. Each one of us in our lives has experimented with various home remedies to cure this condition but still, it keeps coming back.

The reason might be that we don’t know what type of acne we are dealing with. Depending on several conditions, the treatment of acne can include antibiotics, hormonal supplements, topical applications, and procedures like lasers, peels & extractions. Acne is divided into two categories- Non-inflammatory and Inflammatory acne. Keep on reading to know the types of acne and what are its causes.

Non-Inflammatory Acne

In this category acne normally results in ‘Comedones’ like Blackheads and Whiteheads. In this type, there is no inflammation as there’s no infection so it’s less active and painful.

  • Blackheads

Identified as dar bumps, Blackheads are plugs of sebum on the skin. They are caused by the clogging of pores with dirt, dead skin cells, and sebum which are exposed to air and ultimately turn black in color. The excellent way to minimize and prevent their appearance is to cleanser your face twice a day and exfoliate once in a week.

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Monthly pore-cleaning is the best to get rid of them, but you can also prevent them at home by using a Clean Remover. Our pick? COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid 100ml, keeps your pores clean by deep cleansing, preventing blackhead formation while exfoliating away all the dead cells.

NOTE: If you already have them in abundance, go for clean up sessions to get rid of them.

  • Whiteheads

Caused by clogged pores, Whiteheads are identified as small round white-topped bumps on your face and body. They can also form when a pore gets clogged by dead skin cells and sebum. But, unlike with blackheads the top of the pore closes up. Whiteheads look like a small bump coming out from the skin. Incorporate Tea Tree or Neem or Salicylic Acid based face wash, toner, and hydrating moisturizer can help you with keeping your skin clean and healthy.

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COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid 100ml comes infused with formulated apple water and Glycolic Acid, that exfoliates away dead cells and reduces excess sebum to eliminate whiteheads from your skin.

Inflammatory Acne

This type of acne is usually infected and therefore are inflamed. Pimples or acne that are swollen and red are referred to as inflammatory acne. Although dead skin cells and sebum contribute to inflammatory acne, bacteria also play a role in clogging up pores. Bacteria can cause an infection deep beneath the skin which may result in painful acne spots. Depending on the type of acne one is suffering from skincare products are used.

  • Papules
Girl face with Acne

Image Source: Skinkraft

Identified as infected and inflamed pores, Papules are tiny red bumps that may or may not be sensitive to touched. They occur when the walls surrounding your skin pores break down from severe inflammation. Also, avoid touching or scratching them, else they will result in scars.

To prevent papules, calming inflammation is the key. Soothing ingredients like Camellia, Pink Clay, Green Tea, and Raspberry Seed Oil can help to treat papules.

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You should definitely try MEDIHEAL Mediheal P.D.F AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask EX as it contains Asiatic pennywort (Centella Asiatica) extract, trehalose, and allantoin that helps to control sebum secretion. This particular mask sheet is perfect for those with acne-prone skin. A total win-win product!

  • Pustules

Similar to Papules, Pustules are caused when the walls around your pores break down. But unlike Papules, they are filled with pus. These are identified as a white bump usually with a pale yellow center filled with pus (been in that stage). Over a period of time, most Papules become Pustules ultimately. They can form anywhere on your body but are most commonly found on the face, back and chest.

One of the ways you prevent pustules is by regulating your skin’s sebum production. Yes, we get you are thinking of reducing sebum production by skipping moisturizer. But, it can dry out your skin that causes your pores to produce even more oil. So, using a moisturizer formulated to hydrate acne-prone skin is the best way to control skin oil.

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Yes, we recommend you try MEDIHEAL Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX which is formulated with tea tree formula, which helps control the excess sebum and minimizes your pores while keeping your moisturized.

  • Nodules

Image Source: Medeg

Nodules occur when swollen and clogged pores endure irritation and grow larger. Unlike Papules and Pustules, these are deeper underneath the skin. Inflamed but have no pus, Nodules requires the use of stronger medications as it is more severe in nature. They appear skin-colored or red in colour, but never have a pus head like a pustule. But, they feel hard and painful to the touch.

Nodules are so deep within the skin, one can’t treat them at home. You need prescription medication to help clear these up. But you can help relieve some of the pain by applying an ice cube in a paper towel and apply to the nodule for 10 minutes (try it & thank us)!

  • Cysts

Image Source: WebMD

Identified as a large pus-filled spot, Cysts appear as boils and indicate severe forms of infection. Most of the severe types of acne result in cysts that require proper medication. Cysts can be developed when pores are clogged by a combination of sebum, dead skin cells, and sebum. The clogs occur deep within the skin.

The only way to treat Cyst is by visiting your dermatologist. He might suggest topical treatments like oral antibiotics, cream and to get rid of the cyst. You have to be patient in expecting results as it takes much longer to treat this particular type of acne. Good luck if you have one!

If you are a teenager, you don’t have to blame yourself, instead one should learn the ways to tame their oil glands and show your skin acne who the real boss is! Learning what causes pimples can really up your game so that you can figure out what’s the best cure for it.

Image Source: Flare

  1. Hormonal Imbalance: The excitement of hitting the puberty age is clearly contagious as your glands flares up. During menstruation, pimple problems sometimes get worsened with your changes in the body.
  2. Bacterial Infection: Generally, Bacteria is naturally present in all skin types which results in inflammation. Make it a point to clean your hands before touching your face.
  3. Excess Sebum: Sebum is the oil your skin produces and its purpose is to keep the skin moist, but too much oil can clog pores, and causes acne.

Following a proper diet, hygiene, and skincare routine is a must if you don’t want acne. Don’t let the pimples sing “See You Again” anymore! Although there is no direct acne solution, a combination of skincare products according to your skin type can lead you to the entry of an acne-free zone. Read more -: What Is Maskne? Here’s How You Can Prevent & Treat Face Mask Acne

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