Add Serum To Your Skincare Routine & Thank Us Later!

Well, we know that skincare routine is something we all swear by! Don’t you also cheat on your skincare routine for a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning and night? You don’t need a lot of products to ace that flawless skin, only the right ones can get the work done.

You think you have totally covered the skincare department until one of your friends starts raving about their new skin serum. The serum is one such product that most of us skip from our skincare routine, due to lack of knowledge and how to use it. The serum is one such product that can treat your specific skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, sun damage, and dark spots.

What Are Serums?

Serums — you’ve seen them, probably they might be sitting in your cabinet but you are not totally sure what to do. Serums are mild moisturizers that contain a dose of ingredients than your face moisturizers. Serums are highly effective and are known to be very beneficial for managing specific skin conditions like ageing skin or wrinkles.

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A serum is usually thinner than a moisturizer that makes it ideal for layering. Comes in many different formulas, Serum can be in a form of oil or light creams. They are lightweight treatments that penetrate deep into the skin to provide active ingredients for different skin concerns. The majority of serums available in the market are designed to treat a specific skin concern with different active ingredients in it. What’s the best news? There’s one for everyone — so one can find the right serum depending on your skin type and the concern you are looking to treat. Well, think of toners like a sip of beer and serums like a shot of vodka!

Keep Skin Type In Mind!

When adding any skincare product, one should always let their skin type guide towards choosing the correct formula. Different textures work differently on every skin type — oily skin tends to prefer lightweight, dry skin prefers creamier. Well, ingredients matter!

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Plus suits all skin types as it adds vitality and energy to your skin. It contains a natural Jeju Green Tangerine Extract that provides dark spot relief and bright skin. It looks dewy and transparent gel-like and has a non-sticky texture.

It is recommended if:

  • One has dark/brown spots
  • If are dealing with age spots
  • You want to reduce the appearance of freckles

Find Your Perfect Idea Texture

The beauty of the serums is the ability to provide all active ingredients deep into your skin. There are two types of serum — Oil-based and Water-based. Oil-based serums are formulated with larger molecules as they provide more of a protective layer. Water-based serums contain very small amounts of molecules, so they nourish your inner layer of the skin. So girls, which ones is your pick?

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Serum that contains 4.5% of Centella to calm your sensitive skin and heals your damaged skin and 66% Bamboo Water. The serum has long-lasting moisturizing properties to sustain moisture and provides you with a cooling effect on the skin.

Why Choose Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Serum:

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Pure bamboo water
  • Contains natural scents
  • Recover damaged skin

How To Use A Serum?

How To Use A Serum

One can use the serum in their morning and night skincare routine. It goes on after cleanser and toner and just before you apply moisturizer. The serum does an amazing job of hydrating your skin and locks in moisturizers all on its own.

One can opt for a single dose or on the days when your skin needs a little more TLC (suppose in winters), you can simply switch to double-dose of serum. A simple hack before applying makeup, you can even mix your serum with your foundation to boost the glow factor of your base coverage (well, thank us later).

You can buy these serums exclusively from Maccaron.

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