Don’t Pop That Acne! Follow This Skincare Regime For That Flawless & Healthy Skin

When you hear the word acne, what’s the feeling like? Well, dealing with acne-prone skin can be frustrating. It’s like a constant battle to achieve the best and healthy skin that we end up using tons of skincare products on. What you need is an effective skincare regime according to your acne-prone skin only.

An effective and best skincare routine for acne-prone skin helps to control excess sebum production, heals your existing active cystic acne, and keeps your pores clean. But with the market flooded with skincare products that promise you blemish-free skin gorgeous skin, how to pick the product that suits your skin. Well, you look at the ingredients! While some of us might not be familiar with all of them, we came up with a skincare routine that will keep your acne and pimples away for good. Acne seems to be like a never-ending battle, so you need to correct your skincare routine. So, keep on reading you guys!

STEP 1: Deep Cleanse Your Face With Oil & Water-Based Cleanser

Regardless of what skin type you have, cleansing should be your first step in every skincare routine. It is essential to cleanse your face twice a day, especially those who have acne-prone skin. This will eliminate all the oil, dirt, and impurities which may clog pores and eventually result in acne, blackheads, blemishes, and whiteheads. Both day and night, one should cleanse their skin with an effective acne cleanser.

Klairs Gentle Deep Cleansing Oil 150g

Tackle this with deep cleansing oil Klairs Gentle Deep Cleansing Oil 150g which gently washes the skin on areas that you can’t wash with water. The moisturizing effect is also good that cosmetic products like foundation, lipstick, and mascara will last longer on your skin. Also, it has a washable texture that allows mild yet effective cleansing of makeup and dirt makeup without irritating your skin.

Once done, cleanse your face with Klairs-Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser 100ml. Use this foam cleanser to clear all the parts that haven’t been washed with oil by using oil-free and water properties. The cleanser consists of amino acids for deep cleansing of the pores, ensuring that the skin does not feel dry.

STEP 2: Detoxify Your Skin Once A Week

When your skin needs some deep detox and cleansing, exfoliate as it helps you to get rid of dead skin cells, removes impurities, and clears the pores.

NOTE: Avoid scrubbing if your skin has active acne. To get rid of dead skin cells in the outer layer of the skin using a scrub once a week is recommended.

Biotique-Bio BXL Cellular Clear-Rehydrating Scrub 50g

Apply Biotique-Bio BXL Cellular Clear-Rehydrating Scrub 50g to minimize pores and purify your skin. Infused with natural botanicals, plants, and organic ingredients, it keeps your skin soft and supple. Thus dermatologist-tested and paraben-free formula are safe for all skin types.

STEP 3: Soothe And Balance Your Skin With Toner

Toning is an additional step that should be introduced in your skincare routine if you are new to it. One should befriend if you want to ensure that your pores are clean. Loaded with ingredients, the toner will help to cleanse your skin, controls blackheads, removes excess oil, and will hydrate your skin while cleansing it.

Cosrx-Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner 150ml

Cosrx-Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner 150ml moisturizes and maintains the acidity of your skin. It helps to prep your skin for the next step so that your skin absorbs all the products fully. The dose of Mineral Water provides hydration, while Galactomyces Fermentation Technology nourishes and moisturizes. Trust us, your skin will feel fresh, comfortable, and restored.

STEP 4: Gently Massage With Serum

Once the toner settles down on your skin, apply a serum to give an instant glow to your skin. Face serum even out your skin tone, diminishes blemishes, and fades your acne scars. Isn’t something you have been looking for? This step should be used twice a day in your skincare regime- day and night.

 It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Q10 Effector Serum 30ml

Use It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Q10 Effector Serum 30ml as it deeply hydrates and firms your skin. Suitable for oily to combination skin, this serum helps you reduce blemishes, acne scars, and blackheads. It particularly balances out your skin’s oil and sebum production. Well, thank us later!

STEP 5: Achieve That Softness With Moisturizer

Do you also have a myth that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer? In fact, one of the main reasons why your skin produces excess oil is to combat the dryness on your skin. A moisturizer helps to hydrate, restore, and protect your skin. With a moisturizer, the skin glands go into overdrive to compensate which ultimately produces excess oil resulting in shiny skin and clogged pores. After any acne treatment, your skin is thirsty! So, one should use a light moisturizer both during the day and night.

Achieve That Softness With Moisturizer

We recommend you Real Barrier-Control-T Moisturizer 110ml as it keeps your skin all day hydrated. It’s a non-sticky, lightweight moisturizer with a milky texture infused with 5 different forms of hyaluronic acid. This moisturizer is highly recommended for sensitive skin. We know this is one of your favorite steps!

STEP 6: Never Skip On Your SPF

If you skip, you’ll regret it later! Applying sunscreen every single day is non-negotiable. Well, acne-prone skin and sunscreen don’t have a history of playing nice. Many people tend to skip on SPF because they think it clogs pores and causes skin breakout. Furthermore, sunscreen reduces the signs of skin damage, premature ageing, and the development of skin cancer.

NOTE: If your moisturizer already has SPF in it, you don’t need this step.

Well, you should try out Goodal Houttuynia Cordata Calming Sunscreen Cream 50 ml which comes with SPF 50+ and is exclusively recommended for sensitive skin. This cream-based, fragrance-free formula does not clog pores and provides sun protection while delivering a matte finish look.

Your daily habits play a vital role in skincare. The basics are to follow a healthy diet, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and use the right products according to your skin type. Honestly, there’s no quick and instant fix, you need to give a try to the products and be patient with the results.

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