Taking Care of Your Skin: Quarantine Edition

These are truly strange times we are living in. For many of us, nights have turned into days, breakfast, lunch, and dinner no longer go by those names, weekdays have merged into weekends, and our social lives feel like a distant dream. Work from home and online classes may be the only reason why we’re even holding onto the concept of time (barely). With all our schedules thrown out of the window, it’s easy for many of us to end up neglecting many essential aspects of our health and wellness. This stands true especially when it comes to our skincare regimes.

There’s a common misconception floating around that skincare isn’t as important during quarantine because we’re not exposed to as much pollution and sunlight. True, but that definitely does not mean that our skin doesn’t require its daily dose of love and care. Plus, this is actually a great time to take better care of your skin. Your skin will be much more receptive to change as it can now focus on healing without simultaneously battling the elements. With some important steps, turn quarantine into glowing-time (sorry not sorry) so you can walk out of this period with healthy, flawless skin. Plus, with more time on your hands, you no longer have an excuse to be neglecting your skincare.

Here are some great steps you can incorporate to pamper yourself and achieve the skin of your dreams. You can find all the products mentioned below on Maccaron.

  1. Sheet Mask

Ever since Korean sheet masks were first introduced, they’ve taken the world by storm. When compared to regular face masks, sheet masks definitely have a lot more benefits. Apart from being super nourishing and hydrating, they’re also very easy to use, requiring no preparation whatsoever. Made to fit your face, you can just apply a mask on your face and carry on with whatever you’re doing. Plus, they’re selfie-friendly, which we definitely consider and advantage!

There are now a wide variety of sheet masks available in the market, tailored for different skin types and concerns. But they all have one thing in common- they’re all hydrating, making them perfect for dull, parched skin, especially with all the time we’re spending at home these days.

Pop on a juicy sheet mask and revive your skin. If you’re looking for recommendations, we suggest Farmskin Superfood Avocado Softening Sheet Mask. With the goodness of avocado and Vitamin B, we bet you won’t be able to stop touching your skin.

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2. Eye Cream

Eye cream is probably one of the most neglected yet most important skincare products out there. Regardless of whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, we highly recommend that you incorporate an eye cream into your routine.

Now that we’re all stuck at home, you’re probably spending a lot of time in front of screens. This can cause fatigue to your eyes and increase your chances of developing dark circles and undereye bags. Apart from drinking more water and taking regular breaks, an eye cream can also greatly help. A good eye cream will soothe and hydrate your eyes, giving it some much-needed relief and prevent fine lines and darkening.

We recommend the It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Eye Cream 25ml. Formulated with marine collagen, it helps your eyes defy aging by preventing and smoothing out the formation of wrinkles and fine lines around your eye.

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3. Body Wash

When we think about skincare, we tend to automatically think of the skin on our faces. Our body requires care as well. Having a nice, relaxing bath can be a great way to improve your mood, especially during these times when the days just seem to drag on. Apart from this, hygiene is super important not just for our physical health but our mental health as well. Studies have shown that sticking to a routine during quarantine can help improve our mental health by reducing anxiety and chances of depression.

Also, the skin on our body is just as important and deserves our attention. If you still use low-quality products for your bath, chuck that away and switch to a body wash that can truly take care of your skin’s needs. After all, don’t we all want healthy and glowing skin on our bodies too? The Atopalm Mle Body Wash 300ml is formulated with 5 nourishing oils that deeply hydrate and pamper your skin. This pH-balanced body wash is mild and free of harsh ingredients, making it a perfect choice for sensitive skin.

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4. Scrub

Nothing spells spa-time like a good scrubbing session for your entire body. Staying put at home during the quarantine could mean dry patches and dead skin cells. This, in turn, can leave your skin feeling rough and even breaking out. Buff your skin smooth with a good scrub or polish. Make sure that the scrub you use is gentle and not too abrasive, as an abrasive scrub can cause micro-tears in your skin. A scrub with nourishing and hydrating ingredients is even better, as it will instantly soothe and soften your skin and prevent it from drying out.

You can use a scrub around 1–2 times a week. Bear in mind not to over-exfoliate as that may do more harm than good. The Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish 110g is a gentle exfoliator that does not contain any harmful ingredients, making it perfect for all skin types. Make sure to pay extra attention to those areas where you have blackheads and dry patches.

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5. SPF

No, we did not make a mistake, you read that right. You need to be using sun protection even when you’re under quarantine. At this point, you’re probably wondering, “But why?! We’re all indoors!” Being indoors does not shield us from the sun completely. If your house has windows (we dare you to find one that doesn’t), the sun’s rays are definitely going to find their way to you. Standard glass windows cannot block UVA rays, and these rays are the ones responsible for wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancer.

Opt for a product with a broad spectrum and SPF value of at least 30. Considering you’re at home and would prefer to have your skin breathe, you can select a light formulation. We recommend the Suntique I’m Clear Cica Sunstick which you can find on Maccaron.

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With just a few simple steps, you can make the most of this time indoors to help your skin heal and repair itself, revealing a healthy and natural glow. You can find all the products mentioned on this list and many more on Maccaron.

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