You Should Wear Sunscreen In Winters: Here’s Why!

Winter sunscreen is contradictory. Thus, you’d conclude that sun damage mostly results from direct exposure, right? By that logic, you’re safe from the sun’s skin-aging effects throughout those cloudier, grayer days of winters…right?

Usually, people want to ease up on SPF use during the winter, because the sun feels comparatively weaker and they are less likely to get a sunburn. But that’s a mistake! only one of the two UV perpetrators, UVB, is actually weakened by clouds and winter. The other one, UVA, is very much present all year-round. Maccaron has some amazing Sunscreens to protect your delicate skin from harmful damage.

Before we dive any deeper into this, here’s a quick refresher on UVA and UVB rays:

UVA: Ultraviolet A rays, also known as long wave rays, make up 95% of the rays that reach the Earth. They can penetrate our skin much deeper than UVB rays and are responsible for the signs of aging (like dark spots and wrinkles). They can also cause skin cancers. These are the rays that cause tanning. These rays can penetrate glass and clouds throughout the year.

UVB: Ultraviolet B rays/ shortwave rays don’t penetrate our skin as deeply as UVA rays. They usually cause redness and sunburn. They are most intense from early spring until early fall and during the sunniest hours. UVB rays are not as likely to penetrate glass or clouds, but even though they decrease in winters, many can reach the Earth’s surface and are easily reflected off snow and ice in colder climates. This makes them a bigger threat at higher altitudes on sunny days.

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Which in turn brings us to our question: Is sunscreen necessary year-round, even during winters?

Yes! Even in the winters, it is recommended to wear sunscreen daily to prevent sun exposure and the resulting fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancer. It is important to ensure that your sunscreen is broad-spectrum, as that means full coverage, including UVA & UVB protection.

Some of the best Maccaron’s Sunscreen picks are:

  2. Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face & Body Lotion 50ml
  3. Lotus Safe Sun Uv Screen Mattegel Pa+++ Spf-50 50g

Let’s think of it this way: Let’s assume that you’re 30 now. In 30 years from now, would you rather look closer to 70 or 50? If you want to look younger and beat the signs of aging, you must wear SPF daily.

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