What Is Glass Skin And How To Achieve It?

It’s been a while since Korean skincare products and hacks first landed on our radars, but the beauty world’s collective fascination for all things K-beauty suggests no signs or symptoms of slowing down. Korean skincare is known worldwide for its groundbreaking formulations, natural ingredients, and flat lay-ready packaging. It had us obsessed with face masks, introduced us to bee venom and snail mucin, and even made us google words like “Chok-Chok,” “ampoule” and “essence.” Maccaron will take you through steps to achieve glass skin.

What Is Glass Skin?

Glass skin is a term used for really smooth, even-toned, and lustrous skin that’s so flawless it seems to have the appearance of glass. It’s basically a way of describing a type of enviable or superior complexion.

Glass Skin Regime

Usually, skincare trends are focused on products that promise immediate results, achieving glass skin demands a multi-dimensional approach. The surface of your skin requires to be extra smooth, without bumps or aggravated texture. Under the surface, there ought to be a large quantity of water to create the moist and lustrous look that catches and reflects light. And finally, the skin requires to look flawless and firm as well.

Achieving this beauty trend requires a constant skincare routine consisting of a cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliator, and a hydrating lotion. Also, since intense hydration is the core of a glass skin regimen, it is highly recommended to opt for watery products with humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin and thinking about using either a couple of layers of one hydrating product or a lot of layers of different ones. Beauty essentials like toners, essences, and sheet masks are the most effective in this case.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to obtain clear, glowing, glass-like skin

Step 1: Double cleanse!

Asian skincare introduced double cleansing to us, and we haven’t looked back ever since. A clean face is essential when it comes to your skincare routine, especially at night time when your face has accrued all that dirt, impurities, and makeup residue. Start off with an oil cleanser, then follow with a gentle foam wash or a cream-based cleanser.

Recommended product: Heimish All Clean Balm 120ml

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Step 2: Exfoliate!

There’s no clear and smooth skin without extensive exfoliation. This step will remove all the dead skin cells that dull our skin and clog pores. Don’t overdo it, though. 2–3 times a week is perfect to keep away from irritations, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Recommended product: Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish 110g

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Step 3: Toner!

Korean toners are formulated with refreshing and hydration-enhancing ingredients and are applied to restore the skin’s pH levels and to provide your skin with extra hydration in order to allow better absorption of the next products of your routine. You can also layer your toner using the ‘7 skin method’.

Recommended product: Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner 200ml

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Step 4: Add essence!

Essences tend to be extra lightweight and watery inconsistency (it’s like a cross between serums and toners). Like focused treatments, they’re formulated to tackle skin issues like pigmentation and redness but with the added purpose of supplying mega moisture and hydration to the skin.

Recommended product: COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml

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Step 5: Treat with a serum!

Korean serums typically contain a greater concentration of multitasking active ingredients. These concentrated ingredients assist in nourishing the skin, reversing the signs of aging, and in promoting collagen production in order to help provide firmness and to even out skin tone.

Recommended product: It’s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum 40ml

Step 6: Moisturizing!

Moisturizing is a no-brainer in any skincare regime, but when you’re focusing for that flawless and radiant look, you would want to reach for one that is lightweight yet packs utmost hydration.

Recommended product: Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream 30ml

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Step 7: Apply an eye cream!

You can’t attain glass skin if you’re rocking dry patches and dark bags under your eyes. Hence, it’s recommended to add an eye cream in order to nourish the fragile eye area that tends to be drier than other parts of your face.

Recommended product: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Eye Cream 30ml

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Step 8: Sheet Masking!

K-beauty has given us some of the finest skincare tips and hacks, but masking is arguably the best one the beauty world is most obsessed with. Face masks happen to be the easiest way to soothe tired and dry skin, repair damage, and also lock-in and replenish hydration.

Recommended product: Farmskin Farm skin superfood Tomato salad

Is it Easy to Achieve?

Those #glassskin pictures on your feed can be all the motivation you require to hop on this K-beauty trend, but it’s essential to keep in mind that there is no shortcut to accomplishing flawless, ethereal-looking skin. And if there’s one aspect that we can learn from Korean skincare, is that exquisite skin goes past cult or tending products. Consistency and commitment to your skincare regimen is the key.

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