4 Hacks To Make Your Sheet Mask Unbelievably Effective

When to use a sheet mask?

When you didn’t sleep well? or when your skin looks dehydrated? You can use a sheet mask anytime! We’d like to hoard and burrow away sheet masks like little chipmunks. It is the answer to all of our skin problems and the product that gives us instant gratification

Since we love these slimy masks so much, we wondered if there was any way we could get more out of them. And well, we found out that there is actually so much more you can do to get the most out of your sheet mask. Maccaron is here to show our favorite hacks!

Hand holding sheet mask
  1. Put it in the fridge

Plenty of studies have indicated that cooling down your face aids in diminishing inflammation and puffiness and has anti-aging benefits. The cold temperature will further stimulate the blood circulation in your face, improving the overall absorption of nutrients. Also, it makes the mask experience extra refreshing and helps reduce facial and under-eye puffiness, too.

2. Use the mask on other parts of your body

Once you’ve finished using your mask on your face, there’s a whole side that has yet to come in contact with skin, and there’s some remaining essence. Why don’t you fold the mask in half and wrap it around your neck to make the most of this remaining product? If you feel like the mask has started to dry out, pull some of the remaining essence from the pack, apply it to your neck. This way your neck will get the moisture and nourishment. Also, you can fold the mask and place it around the heel of your foot to get rid of calluses.

3. Max out the essence

Don’t waste a drop of this precious essence in packs! We have come up with plenty of ways to utilize this extra essence.

Apply the remaining essence all over your body such as hands, arms, or elbows for an intense moisturizing treat and massage your body. It can also improve circulation, help with fluid retention, and is a wonderful way to de-stress and relax after a busy day. Also, you can save this leftover. Grab a clean container and transfer the essence in. You can use it as a hydrating toner. It is also a good way to carry this with you when you go on a trip. Also, you can transfer the essence in the empty spray bottle, then you get a nice facial mist that serves as a great (and easy) pick me up whenever your skin starts to feel dry. For more viscous essences though, dilute it a bit with a bit of added distilled water or another mist like Avene Thermal Spring Water, otherwise, it may simply clog the nozzle of the spray bottle.

4. Find your best sheet mask

Like traditional masks, different varieties solve different skin issues. So take a look at the ingredients and find out your best sheet mask exactly that you need:

  • Dryness: The most hydrating masks are those that contain hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin keep more moisture. And avoid masks with alcohol or irritating fragrances, which will further dry out your skin.

Farm Skin Superfood Carrot Sheet Mask

farm skin superfood carrot sheet mask with furits and vegetables
  • Dullness: To bring back the glow, look for brightening ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide and pearl powder or extracts.
  1. Mirabelle Lemon Lime Fairness Facial Mask 25ml

2. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Mask Sheet VC 25g

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Mask Sheet VC 25g
  • Sensitive or irritated skin: Masks that includes anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera and other soothing botanicals will help calm down your skin.
  1. Mirabelle Aloe Vera Fairness Facial Mask 25ml

2. It’s Skin The Fresh Mask Sheet-Tea Tree 20ml

3. Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack

Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack box
  • Anti-aging: For anti-aging, look for nutrient-rich masks that list collagen or vitamin B12

It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Mask Sheet 17g

So, now that you know how to make the best out of your sheet masks then get going. Maccaron will be back with more such hacks, tips, and tricks to make your skincare routine worth it!

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