Toner Tips Not To Miss Out On

Do you apply toner on your face? Since there are many types of toners based on different skin types, there are many different ways to use them! Today, we are here to tell you tips and tricks of using toners to solve skin problems.

  1. Absorbing Toner

The first way to use a toner is very simple. Just, as usual, put toner on the palm of your hand and dip it with your different fingers to apply. And then pat it on each part of your face to absorb it. How easy it is!

2. Wiping face with toner

The second one is wiping your face with toner. In Korea, it is called “Dakto”. It is a combination of the word “Dakda” and toner. “Dakda” is a verb that means “wipe”. The way to do the dakto is to wet the toner on a cotton pad and lightly wipe the skin outwards around the nose. The cotton pads that cause lines are not recommended because they leave residue on the skin. You can wipe your face two times, left and right, or three times, on the forehead, left and right side. If you try dakto, you can remove any residue after washing your face, remove dead skin cells, and moisturize your skin more effectively.

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3. Toner Pack

Toner pack is a method of putting cotton pads that fully absorbed by toner on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Since it is very simple to do, many Koreans do this when getting ready for work. First, use cotton pads that have toner on it to clean up the remaining wastes on your face. And then place the cotton pads on your foreheads, two balls, one chin, a total of five cotton pads like a mask pack. After a short break, remove it about 5 minutes later and clean up the residue of the cotton pad that may remain on the skin with another cotton pad absorbed by toner. The biggest advantage of the toner pack is calming your skin. It is recommended to use a non-alcoholic water-type toner and a thin cotton pad for skin pack. Using toner packs while preparing for a busy day-to-work can help your skin more moisture in a short period of time. Also, toner packs make your makeup look better!

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Well, these are little tips of using toners. It’s very simple and easy. Why don’t you try one of them today! And please share your reviews! The next blog will cover in detail the 7-skin method you’ve probably all heard of! See you there!

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