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Toners, aahh, saviors in my twenties for those dreadful acne and pimples. All thanks to my BFF who introduced me to put on some watery stuff on the cotton pad and rub it gently on the face to get rid of impurities and dirt. Yep, that’s what a toner is. Like me, I am sure, you too love toning- that feeling of deep cleansing and getting a brightened and soft skin is all we want. 

So, let’s get to the point, shall we? Let’s review a toner that I totally love – Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner Review

My skin gets irritated every day from environmental changes like sun exposure, weather change, dust, smog, pollution, and of course stress. Keep Cool suggests perfect solutions for dull, dry, and sensitive skin in our daily life. The skincare range combines some ideal solutions based on natural ingredients developed by Keep Cool’s own unique technology and goodness of Korean ingredients

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner has naturally derived ingredients and it delivers comfort from nature directly onto your skin. It contains 85% Bamboo water (really impressed with the quantity) that hydrated my skin immediately, while the Phyto Green Shower Complex gave soothes to my skin. Like me are you also thinking about why bamboo water? Basically, it is used as a base to add moisture and soothe all our skin troubles. 

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner

Toner Recommended For:

✔️People with sensitive skin

✔️People suffering from severe dry skin

✔️People suffering from frequent skin troubles

✔️Cosmetic dieter

I can relate as I majorly fall in the category of having frequent skin troubles and always on the lookout for a product that will calm my sensitive skin. I can totally vouch for Keep Cool Bamboo Toner as it calms my skin and hydrates it completely without causing any irritation or redness. 

Let’s Talk Ingredients!


Keep Cool And Soothe Bamboo Toner

Featuring bamboo water, hyaluronic acid, and Phyto green shower as they are the star ingredients, Keep Cool And Soothe Bamboo Toner provides an abundance of moisture while it gently hydrates my skin for a long time. 

✔️85% of Bamboo water

The toner consists of Mineral and Amino acid, 85% Bamboo Water that calms and hydrates your skin. Bamboo is said to be rich in silica that gives your skin a radiant glow. Well, it is said to have hydration properties withs silica that produces collagen that results in a youthful appearance and a firmer skin, and a youthful bounce.

✔️Hyaluronic Acid

The toner consists of both low and high molecular levels of hyaluronic acid. The low molecular temperature has superb hydrating and moisturizing effects that maintain a balance of penetrability in your skin. Whereas, a high molecular act as a moisturizer membrane that keeps your skin hydrated. The two forms replenish both the top layer and deeper layers of your skin for rehydration. 

✔️Phyto Green Shower

If redness and irritation on your skin is a major concern, Phyto Green Shower will protect your skin as it contains four ingredients that release phytoncide. It keeps your skin moisturized and gives no tightening feeling after use. 

The texture I Love! 

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner looks exactly like water and is completely colourless. Being lightweight, it pours out easily and provides my skin with maximum hydration leaving it moisturized. Well well, my skin actually started to glow after just applying two times (not kidding). The toner has a faint floral scent as it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance (isn’t it great). Upon the application of the toner on my skin, the smell becomes barely perceptible. 

Results That Will Blow Your Mind

Hands down, this is one of the most popular products from the Keep Cool soothe range! Toner is known for its ingredients and how well it hydrates your skin. Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner absorbs easily leaving your skin feeling glowy and soft. Personally, I like to layer it three to four times, as it provides hydration that keeps my skin active and fresh all day ahead. 

Keep Cool Toner before and after pics

If you have dry and dehydrated skin,  just like I have, this toner will be a game-changer in your skincare regime! Your skin will definitely start looking plump and healthy with just a regular usage of 4 weeks of Soothe Bamboo Toner. Did I mention the best thing about this toner? The superb ingredients in the toner keeps my skin hydrated and soothing. If your skin is active and is sensitive, (which we most have) this toner is a total boon. It can be used as a hydrating toner for all your skin types and if you are into layering your skincare products, it’s a win-win for you. With the increasing use of actives on our skin, this toner is beneficial. The water-like consistency sinks into your skin easily and leaves you with no sticky feeling. Be it day cream, sunscreen, or moisturizer, it works perfectly on all skin types. 

You can apply an appropriate amount of Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner and gently pat it until it gets absorbed. Well, let me give you some DIY tips for using this toner which I swear by. 

  • Toner/Mist: Pour your toner in a spray bottle and use it as a mist. 
  • Last Step of Your Cleansing: Soak the toner on your cotton pad and cleanse your face deeply. 
  • Toner Mask: Soak your toner in a cotton pad and place it on the part of your face where it is much needed. It reduces your skin temperature and gives you a cooling effect.
  • The N-Skin Types: Just take an appropriate amount of toner to your hand and gently tap N times. It will provide your skin with moisturization and hydration. I totally recommend it for oily, sensitive, and dry skin. 

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner is formulated with substances under 1-2 green grades guided by the EWG. This toner contains paraben, mineral oil, artificial colouring, benzophenone, and artificial fragrance that even sensitize your skin. All in all, toners are good for a number of reasons as it helps to clean your skin and minimise the appearance of pores. Plus, Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner is super refreshing to spritz and can hydrate better than any moisturiser! 

Now that I enlightened you with the reviews about Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner, when are you planning to try your hands on it? Get your hands on bamboo toner from Maccaron. No.1 Community Beauty e-commerce platform in India, Where you shine! that mainly deals Korean skincare & global beauty brand products! It’s time that you invest in healthy skin with Macaron Beauty! 

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