What’s In Your Bag? Beauty Essentials Every Woman Should Own In Her Handbag

It’s true a woman’s handbag has thousands of things in it. We all will agree that life has its own way of throwing balls at us when we least expect it like a last-minute date plan or a work dinner invitation. The best way is to ensure that you are ready to conquer it with your well-packed handbag with all the necessary beauty essentials for that instant touch-up.

Or if you are commencing college or starting your first job or you are a 9–5 veteran, we agree you still need a bunch of products to survive all day long. For all those quick fix-me-up we need our must-have kit that has our makeup and beauty essentials. We girls carry our whole world in our handbags and like us you also have a serious love affair with your beauty products, so the entire beauty arsenal goes wherever we go (well, not sorry). But a fun fact too, we have a knack for never finding products when we need them. So, we are here to help you reorganize your beauty pouch with the absolute must-haves you should carry. We promise you won’t miss a thing this time!

Stash A Hand Cream

Hand Cream is one such beauty product that we think we don’t need but actually, you do. Spending your entire day in an air-conditioned environment tends to make your skin dry out. Due to lack of time, we tend to skip moisturizing our hands due to which knuckles tend to get dry frequently. Carrying a hand cream is absolutely essential to keep your skin hydrated!

RoseHeart I’m in love roseheart rose blossom hand cream 50ml

Show some love to your hands by applying RoseHeart I’m in love roseheart rose blossom hand cream 50ml, ultra-luxe formula with a soft formulation to repair your hands from the daily damage. It is so compatible and fits into any handbag easily. So, dab on hand cream throughout the day to keep those hard-working hands supple. This hand cream comes enriched with Rose extracts and Shea Butter. It helps to prevent dryness and keeps hands soft and has a refreshing fragrance of roses. The hand cream has a rich rose scent and strong moisturizing power.

Refresh Yourself With Face Mist

Our face tends to accumulate grime through the day while washing face helps to a certain extent but Face Mist adds power to cool your skin down. Trampling through the city can make your skin look dry and dull, this is where face mist comes in handy to soften and soothe your skin.

Keep Cool Shine Fixence Mist 60ml

Spray Keep Cool Shine Fixence Mist 60ml, the minute your skin starts feeling itchy and tant as this mist will help to restore its natural skin balance. Always opt for a formula with anti-bacterial properties and this is specially designed for sensitive skin for a spritz of soothing freshness. This mist keeps me sane on those super hot days! This Shine Mist helps to fix your cakey makeup, dried, or dullness by keeping your skin hydrated. Like us, if you too are fed up with makeup correction then try Keep Cool Shine Fixence Mist to fix and make your skin brighter! Shop online mist at Maccaron.

Wipe It Off With Cleansing Tissue

Too tired to take off your makeup or feeling too sweaty while working? Facial cleansing tissues are life-savers which you simply have to keep handy. Honestly, cleansing tissue is not just helpful for one reason but starting from removing makeup to keeping your skin clean and hydrated, you should always keep them. Well, these are not a necessity only for girls but for boys too as it keeps your skin clear from polluting particles.

Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull — Cleansing Tissue

Enough said, just pick up a pack of Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull — Cleansing Tissue to stave off germs and impurities from your skin. These are an excellent option for on-the-go cleansing when you are pinched on time. Sleeping in your makeup is an absolute no and this is when these cleansing tissues come to your rescue. Take them in your gym bag for that post-workout refresher as these are pre-moistened tissues. Comes formulated with 7 natural oils, these gentle cleansers provide aromatherapy benefits for a relaxing experience while you are outside.

Protect Yourself From Sun Damage

No matter what you are doing or where you are, Sunscreen is a must. Also, it is no good if you don’t keep on reapplying it through the day. We know it may sound unnecessary but you need to slap some of it every 3 to 4 hours and then you’ll thank us later.

Protect Yourself From Sun Damage

Suntique I’m Safe For Sensitive Skin covers your skin from sun damage and keeps your skin moisturized the entire day long. Unlike other sunscreens, this is lightweight and comes enriched with nutrients. From moisturizing to nourishing you can now pick one that suits you best. This gentle formula is safe to use for every age and skin type. The moisturizing formula instantly absorbs into the skin without leaving behind a white cast, greasy film, or a sunscreen scent. The tiny package is perfect to carry in your handbag for reapplication throughout the day.

Never Forget A Cream On The Go

Not many people know this about me, but I like to keep a bottle of cream in my handbag at all times. Due to fluctuating temperatures, the humidity makes my skin dry and rough all the time. The moment that happens, I know I have to use a cream. Currently, I am hooked on Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Cream as it works perfect for my skin type and leaving it feeling smooth and baby soft.

 Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Cream

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Cream has natural vitamin C vitamins in it and the green tangerine ingredient helps to rejuvenate the skin from any kind of dullness. It adds vitality and energy to the skin! If you are someone who is looking for 12 hours of hydration a brighter and evened-out skin tone.

Being a busy girl is tough, so you need to make sure that you keep your skin hydrated and nourished all day long. From impromptu nights out to instant meeting fixers, now you are ready for any eventualities thanks to these five handbag beauty and makeup essentials.

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