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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when shopping for skincare, bombarded with scientific words, or enticed by catchy ad phrases? There are so many options to choose from, but you don’t know which one will suit you the best. Well, Maccaron is just the right place for you to shop, as we investigate and archive information to curate the best product to fit your liking and better your shopping experience big time! In this article, we want to take you to the behind the scene where all the magic happens. Welcome to Maccaron’s Vanity Committee (MVC)!

Selection Criteria

Our curation starts with hunting the products, and the products are selected through Maccaron’s strict criteria. Let us introduce some of the main ones:

Maccaron Selection Criteria

1. Are the ingredients safe for the skin?

Safeness is Maccaron’s first and foremost priority. Yes, Korean beauty is known for its safe and natural ingredients, but we become extra picky with safeness and handpick products that are especially proved to be safe and true to their functions.

2. Will the Maccaron users need and want them?

However popular and praised the product is in Korea, if the product’s characteristics are not compatible with our Indian customers, we think over. We find products that are India friendly, products that precisely fit the needs of Maccaron’s users.

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Curation Meetings

Maccaron Curation Meetings

After we finalize our sourcing process with these criteria, we go through an in-depth MVC meeting to scrutinize the product from the outer packaging to the inner contents to give a more succinct and informative guideline on our shop. Our MVC meeting is unlike any other serious, boring business meetings. Instead, the meeting room emits vibrant and passionate energy as we interact with the products. During the meeting, the Team M employees experience the products themselves by seeing, smelling, and applying the contents, and double-checking the selected products multilaterally. This process brings about the curation direction for each and every product in our shop. Here are a few factors we consider when inputting descriptions.

Understanding You: Persona

Persona is an important and primary factor to consider in MVC because it helps us to understand the potential user, who needs this product more than any others. Through logically and sometimes creatively inferring the persona, we put our feet in various customer’s shoes in certain situations, skin types, and sometimes even occupations, in great detail. Hence, we could give better-targeted recommendations for a product that is initially, let’s say, ‘for every skin type.’

When You Could Use This: The Ideal Routine

Have you ever felt confused about what to do with a product after purchase? You have it in your hand, but you are not sure when you should use it. Maccaron covers these worries too, as we suggest ideal times and situations the persona should or could use a product.

Experience All-Ready for You: Texture Description

So far, we’ve checked the who and when. However, you might be still hesitant because it is difficult to tell what it is like on a digital screen. Our product description section is the place to look for because we find all the thorough and inventive adjectives to help you picture the product’s texture. We guarantee texture descriptions like soy-milk color or pudding-like cream texture is only at Maccaron, not even at the brand’s official homepage.

Guideline for Your Whole Journey

Guideline for Your Whole Journey: Tips & Best Combination

Maccaron aims to guide you through your whole beauty journey, so we care about your experience, even after purchase. Our employees, comprised of experts and skincare lovers themselves, come up with creative but rational tips to help you make the best use out of your purchase. Based on their own experience with the product and their extensive knowledge, we devise ways to hack the products so you can use them 100% and even 200% of what the product primarily functions. On top of that, we also try to come up with the best combinations that bring out the best synergy to make your future journey be even easier.

The information and shopping options might seem light at first but are extracted by carefully filtering our strict sourcing criteria and our curation meetings above. This is because we don’t want you to be confused with the limitless skincare options anymore. As such, Maccaron’s behind the scene, the MVC is bending over backward for you to find your missing puzzle piece that fits right into your daily routine.

Stay Tuned For All The BTS of Maccaron!

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