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As much as I adore makeup products, I’m crazy about my skincare products too. I feel and I know that our skin demands attention, from cleansers to moisturizers, we all have stocked a ton of it in our bathroom cabinet (at least I have). Living in a city like Delhi, where you are constantly exposed to pollution, humidity, and dust, in itself is a toll on your skin. Hence, it’s important for you to invest in products that work for your skin. First and foremost, investing in a good cleanser for your skin to keep it hydrated and moist all the time is our utmost priority. 

Cleansing your face is the first step in every skincare regime. Whether you follow a basic CTM or elaborate skincare routine, cleansing is important as it removes the debris that has accumulated on the face throughout the day such as sweat and dirt. Also, it helps in removing excess sebum, nasties, dead skin cells from your face in general. But what do you use to cleanse your face? A face wash or do you think that cleaning your face with micellar water is good enough? But what kind of cleanser do you use, is it the right kind? Keep reading to know which cleanser I use & you might use it as well. 

Know About This Cleanser

Currently, my obsession with K-beauty products is at its peak. I’m in total awe with the cute packaging and the crisp description each of their products has to offer. Keep Cool Ocean Deep Cleansing Foam is a refreshing cleansing foam that is ideal for all skin types. It gently eliminates makeup, dirt, impurities and promises to hydrate and clean your skin. With a creamy, smooth yet dense texture, its foam particles thoroughly clean your pores as it contains micelles, which acts as the first and second cleanser in one. 

Well, gone are the days when your skin felt tight and dry after cleansing. The cleanser is formulated with micellar technology that helps to cleanse your skin without damaging the acid mantle of your skin. It’s true that most of the time we lose moisture using foam cleansers; in contrast, Keep Cool Ocean Deep Cleansing Foam increases the moisture level after its use by almost 50%. 


Let’s Talk Ingredients! 

Keep Cool Ocean Deep Cleansing Foam contains Ocean’s Five complexes namely- Seawater, Spirulina, Chlorella, Salicornia Europaea, and Enteromorpha compressa that are rich in minerals and moisture, that strengthens my skin barrier. On the other hand, a super fine foam removes dirt, makeup, and grease without damaging or irritating my skin’s moisture barrier.

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Keep Cool Cleanser Recommended For:

✔️If your skin feels tight & dry skin after cleansing.

✔️Someone who wants to remove makeup easily without using makeup remover

✔️The one who needs deep cleaning without any irritation onto the skin

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My Take On The Keep Cool Cleanser!

I’ve been using a Keep Cool Deep Cleansing Foam cleanser for a week now and I can definitely see a change in my complexion. Just a tiny amount of it is enough to cleanse my face and I use it twice every day in my day and night skincare regime. Even though my skin is oily, this cleanser cleans up my pores and moisturizes my skin. Unlike most cleansers, the formula has been designed to perfect condition and clean the skin without causing it damage.

The cleanser is creamy and pearly, with a pH between 7-7.5, and has a kinda artificial fragrance. It makes a lot of creamy lather and cleanses my skin totally without harming my skin protection layer. I would say that everyone can benefit from this hydrating cleanser, especially those who have a higher tendency to develop dehydrated skin. I found this skincare product as a great intermediate product and it will help your active products to absorb better into your skin. I mean, Korean products never fail to surprise me! The cleanser works like magic on my skin and the unique choice of ingredients fascinated me, yes, of course, they layer my skin to perfection. 

This is actually a hidden gem in the Keep Cool range! Get your hands on this cleanser from Maccaron, No.1 Community Beauty e-commerce platform in India, Where you shine! that mainly deals Korean skincare & global beauty brand products! It’s time that you invest in healthy skin with Macaron Beauty! 

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