Did You Know Bamboo Is Effective For Your Skin? It’s Time To Update Your Skincare Products For That Healthy Glow!

We all know the importance of taking care of our skin and like us, you too know all the age-old skincare and beauty tips. With the weather change, we all have stocked up on plenty of beauty products like face creams, SPF, moisturizer, and whatnot. But do you read about the ingredients and their benefits? K-beauty has created a buzzword all through this year! Bamboo extract and sheet masks have become so popular that our Saturday night Netflix and chill marathons have become our thing. But there’s still so much that we do not know about these ingredients in K-beauty products and how they view wellness. 

And one such product is Bamboo. It is one of the most popular skincare secrets in the K- beauty world and rightfully so. It is an easy-to-grow and renewable plant and is said to have numerous uses. To name a few, it is used in feel, to make clothes, in skincare products, home decor, and many more. Trust us, once you start incorporating into your skincare regime, you’ll understand what’s all the hype is all about. 

Have you ever wondered why we see so many Korean skincare and beauty products with bamboo in them? Well, this powerhouse ingredient is packed with multiple skin-benefiting ingredients that work to heal and regenerate your skin. Whether it’s bamboo water or bamboo charcoal, no doubt it is one of nature’s finest ingredients. Keep on reading to know why you should give Korean’s approved skincare ingredients. 

Benefits Of Korean’s Approved Bamboo 

Benefits Of Korean’s Approved Bamboo

Image Source: Bamboo Products

Bamboo is becoming the key ingredient in skincare products, especially in the Korean beauty range because it consists of lots of benefits. Bamboo has astringent and anti-acne properties that make it popular in the beauty industry. Also, it has some powerful antioxidants and is a powerhouse that every skin loves. Well, well, bamboo actually contains 70% natural silica, an organic compound, essential for the body and makes our skin radiant and supple. Let’s know more reasons why our skin deserves this miraculous ingredient in our skincare routine. 

Strengthens The Skin

It can leave your skin with the perfect firmness and strength that makes it perfect for acne-prone skin. Acne damages the outer layer of the skin that protects it from environmental pollutants and bacteria. So, bamboo strengthens the barrier and restores the outer layer of the skin making it easier to fight acne. 

Makes Skin Radiant & Supple

Girl using cream

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

If you dry and dull skin, then one should invest in bamboo-infused skincare products. It has moisturizing properties that keep your skin supple and boosts hydration. The silica in bamboo helps in the production of collagen and of course, you’ll get firm skin. And if you use Bamboo regularly as an ingredient it would leave your skin supple. 

Consists Antibacterial Properties

For people who have acne-prone or irritated skin, take notes because bamboo extracts have antibacterial properties which you should include in your skincare routine. Whenever you touch your skin with dirty hands or use another pillow, there’s new acne popping up? Acne is caused by damage to your skin’s moisture barrier and bamboo silica can help strengthen the skin’s barrier. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep your skin calm by protecting the skin cells against irritation. 

Protects Skin From Free Radicals

It acts as a powerful antioxidant that acts as a barrier against free radicals. Yes, our skin needs the magic of bamboo and it’s high time that you invest in bamboo enriched products. Also, it diminishes fine lines and keeps your skin comparatively moisturized and supple. Well, this may have something to do with the fact that silica enhances your skin’s elasticity. 

Enhanced Skin Elasticity

Silica plays an essential role in the formulation of collagen but is also responsible for hydroxylation enzymes that improve your skin’s elasticity and strength. The healthier your collagen production, the more your skin becomes firmer and tighter. And without adequate silica, our bodies don’t produce collagen. Did you know our collagen levels in our bodies decline as we age and so do our silica? The increased collagen makes our skin glow and silica is an essential mineral that helps to strengthen blood vessels.  

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Invest In Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Line

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Line products

Keep Cool is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on keeping our skin protected from all the bad effects of heat such as irritation, premature aging, redness, and inflammation. And their product range features products that are simple yet effective on every skin type. Keep Cool pride itself in using cruelty-free and natural ingredients.

Products To Look From Keep Cool

  • Soothe Bamboo Toner 

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner


✔️85% Bamboo water

✔️Hydrating effect

✔️Perfect solutions for dry, dull, and sensitive skin

Containing 85% Bamboo Water and several other main ingredients such as high & low molecular sodium hyaluronate acid, and bamboo extract, Keep Cool toner is one of their holy grains. Packed in a transparent bottle, the toner has a water-like texture, non-sticky, feels light, and gets easily absorbed in the skin. Well, yes there’s no smell of the toner, as it’s a Keep Cool fragrance-free product.

  • Soothe Bamboo Serum

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo serum


✔️Calms sensitive skin

✔️Long-lasting moisturizing properties

✔️Recover damaged skin

Contains 66% Bamboo Water and 4.5% of Centella (medical herb) that easily calms down sensitive skin and heals your damaged skin, Keep Cool Serum is hands down the best serum one should invest in. With long-lasting moisturizing and outstanding penetrative properties, it provides you a cooling effect to the skin.

  • Soothe Bamboo Lotion

Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Lotion


✔️Calm sensitive skin

✔️7-Layered hyaluronic acid

✔️Restores a healthy skin pH

Soothe Lotion contains 51% Bamboo Water, DERMA-CLERA ™ (a soothing patent ingredient), and 7-layered hyaluronic acid which hydrates and nourishes your skin. Hands down, Keep Cool lotion is a recovery solution that can easily calm irritated and sensitive skin. You can experience strong hydrating and calming effects from the dry and sensitive body and face, all in one (yes, love). It easily adjusts the skin’s oil and moisture balance by providing essential oil to the skin which is needed.

We know when you first heard of the word bamboo, cute pandas lazily munching on their leaves in Chinese mountains is what used to pop up, right? But now that you have entered the Korean skincare zone you know how important bamboo is. So what’s the newest thing that you have learned about your skincare regime? 

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