What Is Maskne? Here’s How You Can Prevent & Treat Face Mask Acne

Like it or not, covering up your face has become the new normal. Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic took over the world completely, during the start of the year 2020 we have been sporting a face mask in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. However, as important as wearing a mask is, it certainly comes with its own repertoire of skin concerns like inflammation, fungal infection, acne, chafing. In the recent past, have you noticed a sudden rise of acne breakouts on your face? Well, it might be Maskne, meaning, acne caused by wearing a face mask. Mask-related acne aka Maskne has become a serious skin condition and one major reason is friction and trapped moisture because of the continuous use. Before you jump to the conclusion as to how to prevent maskne, what skincare products to use, what kind of treatment needs to be, let us first tell guide you for better understanding.

So, What Exactly Is Maskne?  

One of the major skin issues which everyone has most likely faced is maskne i.e. acne caused due to wearing masks. When fabric rubs or presses against the skin for a prolonged period of time, it can cause pimples from irritation, sweat, heat, bacteria, and friction. Another way your mask can cause breakouts is when you don’t wash it often and their bacteria or dirt accumulated in the fabric.

Prevent & Treat Face Mask Acne

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A face mask is supposed to cover your mouth and nose completely, which means it closely hugs the areas and it can lead to acne because of some friction. Secondly, face mask strings exert a fair amount of pressure on our normal breathing skin that leads to acne. Yes, we even wash our face mask, right what if there could be some residue of detergent left within the layers that can also lead to an irritant reaction. Some people even have a tendency to get eczema, acne, or atopic dermatitis in which our skin becomes itchy and red. This is also true that most of us aren’t used to wearing masks for long hours in the summer season due to humidity and heat. 

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Well, there might be acne making its way through your face in the areas like the nose, cheeks, or mouth where you come in contact with the face mask. We all wear masks to protect ourselves from the virus but at the same time, we’re inviting germs & bacteria. So, how can we prevent it or treat it? Fret not, we have listed down the reasons and some suggestions for you to ensure, so that you don’t suffer from skin or acne problems in the COVID-19 outbreak. 

What Causes Maskne?

What Causes Maskne?

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One can’t avoid wearing masks and besides the continuous use of face masks, acne is also caused by bacteria, humid weather, moisture, and friction. 

Hot & Cold Weather: While the humid weather can cause acne breakouts during the summer season, whereas, the cold weather can dry out the skin making it chip off easily.

Moisture: Whether you deny it or not, but it’s true that your breath creates humidity inside the mask which is why we feel suffocated while wearing it continuously.   Not replacing your masks often: Just a mask isn’t enough for you. One should always change their mask every once or twice a week. It is not only hygienic but a clean mask will make you feel neat. It is best advised that one should wash face masks after every wearing.

Friction: The continuous rubbing of your face mask to your face skin harms your skin’s protective layer. Without the skin barrier, it gets easy to settle in your pore, damaging your skin. Give your facial skin a break whenever possible! 

How Can One Prevent Maskne?

How Can One Prevent Maskne?

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  • First and foremost, one should always choose a mask with the right fabric- ventilated and non-woven according to the Indian climate especially as the humidity is high. Avoid investing in synthetic fabrics as they are likely to cause inflammations. Keep an eye out for softer, natural fabrics like cotton and silk as this will reduce the moisture and bacteria levels in your skin. 
  • Instead of washing the mask with detergent, one can expose it to sunlight for a few hours as sunlight is the best disinfectant. You can repeat your mask the next day after it is exposed to sunlight without any fear of infection or germs.
  • If you have been wearing a mask for a long period of time, it is the best advice to splash cool water onto your face, whenever you get a chance. This will help to cool down your skin and rinse away all the buildup sweat caused by the humid environment. Lightly dab your skin but don’t wipe or rub it aggressively as it might create worse skin problems. 
  • When we apply a layer of concealer or foundation, it clogs pores trapping moisture, sweat and oil on our faces. Preferably go for minimalistic makeup using only eye makeup and to keep your lips moisturized, use a lip balm. Pro Tip: If there’s any occasion, add a pinch of foundation to your moisturiser to make it look good & you are good to go. 
  • Moisturising on a daily will set all things right. So, before you put your mask on, make sure that your skin is moisturised and has SPF on it. Dry skin and the rubbing of a face mask can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. If you miss this step and have to live with breakouts, use products like pimple patches or tea tree oil enriched to calm the zits. 

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5 Skincare Steps For Maskne

5 Skincare Steps For Maskne

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This skincare regime is designed to treat your existing maskne and prevent future acne and skin breakouts. If you still in dilemma about what else one needs to do, follow this skincare routine & your Maskne problem will be completely rubbed off. 

Step 1: Double Cleansing

Use a gentle cream cleanser like Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil to remove impurities, makeup, dirt, and sebum. Follow it up with a gentle physical exfoliation cleanser COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser to deeply cleanse your pores and scrub away any dead cells sticking to the skin’s surface. Wash off with lukewarm water always! 

Step 2: Always Use A Toner

This step is important for people who have visible pores and oily or acne-prone skin. Toning with a pore minimizing toner such as Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner will remove leftover residue from your skin, clarifying your pores and improving the appearance. This step helps to prevent any future breakouts.

Step 3: Use An Active Serum

People tend to ignore this step in their skincare routine. Using an active means providing essential nutrients to your skin and preparing for better penetration of the products. And serums are concentrated with active ingredients that target specific skin concerns. If you have acne scars, blemishes and uneven skin texture then go ahead with Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Plus.

Step 4: Moisturization Is Essential  

Moisturization is one of the key factors that contribute to healthy and glowing skin. No matter what your skin type is, you should keep it hydrated with It’s Skin Aloe Relaxing Cream. The cream protects and soothes your skin from environmental damage while keeping it hydrated. 

Step 5: Seal It With Face Oil

It’s important to cover up all the water-based products with face oil & what better can be than Rovectin Skin Essentials Barrier Repair Face Oil. Sealing everything in with a face oil ensures no nutrient or moisture is lost in the process and our skin gets the most out of skincare products.

The term Maskne has been floating around all over the world, so we thought of diving deeper and getting a closer look at & educating you as well. Let’s fight against COVID-19 & Maskne together. Grab all the above skincare products from Maccaron Beauty



Are people who are breakout-prone more likely to get maskne?

While those who have acne-prone are naturally more susceptible to get maskne, unfortunately, it doesn’t discriminate. People who are already breakout-prone skin also be more susceptible as they already have numerous factors that lead to breakouts. Adding, due to a mask’s tendency to rub the skin, moist air, and prevent proper shedding of dead skin cells, maskne pops up on the complexions of those who aren’t typically breakout prone.

Is there a way to avoid getting maskne before it gets develops?

Always look for breathable material in the mask and be sure to wash daily. The key is to ensure that your mask is well-fitted, but not tight and using make-up products. As makeup products worn underneath masks can cause severity of breakouts.

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