Glycerin, The Wonder Ingredient You Need In Your Skincare Routine!

Did you know Glycerin solves multiple of your skin problems? If there’s one ingredient that we use to treat our skin, hands down it have to be glycerin. It’s odourless and colourless liquid that’s derived from palm, coconut, or soybean oil. Well, yes it’s an ingredient that you will find in food products, but if you look more closely at your skincare and beauty products,  you’ll be surprised to know that it has glycerin in it. Honestly, Vegetable glycerin is one of the most talked-about ingredients in the cosmetics industry. Not just that, you can even use its raw form.

Dry patches, fine lines, and wrinkles – name one skin issue which glycerin can’t solve. All thanks to its healing abilities and trust us there is no such product in the beauty industry that doesn’t have glycerin in it. Although all skin types can use glycerin, those with oily skin totally swears by it! It’s a natural skin-conditioner that keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Also, it protects your skin from harmful environmental aggressors, while improving your skin texture.

Benefits of Glycerin For Your Skin

Well, yes glycerin has been used as an important part of our skincare for many years now, and one may not realise it, but we do use it in our day-to-day skincare-beauty products such as toner, face wash, and moisturizers. Also, it treats several skin disorders, ranging from dry flaky skin to wound healing. 

Goodbye Acne

Do you also have sensitive and dry skin, then it’s obvious that you’re prone to inflammation and breakouts. Glycerin has a non-greasy and non-oily texture so it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on your skin. It has non-comedogenic in nature, so it doesn’t clog your pores while it hydrates your skin and seals moisture in it completely. 

It’s Skin Have A Greengrape Cleansing Foam is the perfect cleanser to wipe away all the dirt and impurities from your skin gently. It rejuvenates and purifies your skin while maintaining a healthy moisture level, leaving skin refreshed and smooth. 


Welcome Dewy Glow Skin! 

It’s true whenever your skin feels dull and dry, it loses its glow. Glycerin is one such product that deeply cleanses and removes dirt, makeup residue, and sebum meanwhile improvising the skin texture. All you have to do is scoop some glycerin and gently rub it over your face massaging it in circular motions using your fingertips. Trust us, your skin will glow all day long!

Accoje Reviving Gel Cream hands down should be your go-to product! It’s a multi-functional gel-cream that restores the balance between oil & moisture on your dull skin. It has a non-greasy and gel-type cream formula. It soothes your skin that becomes irritated by UVA rays exposure and environmental pollution.

Soft Skin Like Baby’s Bum!

Well, we all know Glycerin is a humectant that prevents moisture of the skin. Not only that it also promotes cell growth and improves your skin’s permeability. Make sure whenever you apply glycerin or any skincare product with glycerin in it, mix it with some Vitamin E oil for more fantastic results. On the other hand, one can even use it as a sleeping mask and wake up with supple soft skin. 

How about a mask sheet infused with vitamin E and glycerin together? Coony Vitamin Essence Mask Sheet helps in the generation of skin cells. The vitamin in it provides healthy and dewy skin. This mask sheet gives a boost of moisturizer to skin and makes it soft & supple.



Anti-Aging Properties

Did you know glycerin helps you to slow your aging process? Yes, it keeps your skin firm and wrinkle-free for a long period of time. Glycerin is a key ingredient in any anti-aging product all thanks to its moisturizing properties. The lack of moisture in the skin affects the protease activity and leads to skin aging and peeling. And glycerin is one such product that attracts moisture from the environment and increases the moisture content in your skin while slowing down the ageing process.

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It’s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream provides moisturization and leaves your complexion glowing. Comes infused with Centella extract which has a soothing effect and Acerola that makes it look pure and healthy. This is a perfect moisturizing cream for dry and mature skin! 



Helps In Wound Healing 

Yes, it protects your skin against irritants and external pollutants. Solutions with a content of 85% glycerin have antiviral and bacterial resistance that helps in wound healing. There’s a study that the application of wounds effectively reduces inflammation. Instead of using any product, you can even directly apply it to your wound using a cotton pad to avoid any kind of irritant. 

How To Use A Glycerin? 

According to a scientific research study, Glycerin is absolutely safe to be used on your face, and if not there are tons of products like cleansers or creams in the beauty market. However, it easily absorbs moisture, pollutants, and dust that can cause irritation to some people. Thus, one should dilute raw glycerin in water before applying it to your face. Also, one should always do a patch test before investing in large-sized skincare products. Glycerin can be in your following skincare products: 

  • Face wash
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Lip balm

Precautions One Should Keep In Mind While Applying Glycerin 

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  • Always and always do a patch test. Even though glycerin is non-toxic, you should never apply it directly to your skin. 
  • Always avoid mixing glycerin with any jelly or sticky creams and lotions as it might feel oily and heavy on your skin.
  • Mixing glycerin with any other ingredients is one of the best and safest ways to apply. You can dilute it with rose water or distilled water. 
  • If you are stepping out in the sun, always apply sunscreen after using glycerin. As glycerin always tends to make your skin a little sensitive. 

Glycerin is a gentle ingredient used in most cosmetics and skincare including baby products. It can be used to treat many skin issues and known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. But, always keep in mind, your skin type plays a major role in determining how skin will react to a particular ingredient. Now that we have enlighten you, head to Maccaron beauty & start adding the products to your cart! 

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