Your Ultimate Anti-Ageing Checklist For A 25-Year Old

Before I start, first things first, I want you all to stop believing that ageing is something that we all need to fight. Did you really think you can reverse ageing? No, you can’t but you can provide necessary ingredients and attention that can actually slow down the aging process and make you look youthful along the way. If you are 25 years old or just about-turn to, listen up because this is where anti-ageing products can help you. Growing old isn’t a choice but it’s an inevitable process, yet some people age faster than others. As we age, the production of elastin and collagen which are the two compounds that keep our skin firm, and plum depletes. 

Do you remember back in 2017, when Dior got 25-year old Cara Delevingne on board for anti-ageing line and the brand got quite a backlash as the line targeted 40-50 year olds? Well, there’s no denying that you have to start using collagen creams, serums, and anti-ageing creams by the time you are 25. Too early, you must be thinking? Your skin slows down the production of collagen and wrinkles, fine lines begin to appear. And it’s that time, that you should use the right kind of skincare products to ensure that your skin ageing is taken well care of at the beginning itself. 

What Are The Causes Of Ageing? 

So, before we begin to bombard your skincare routine at 25 and above, have a look at this guide that will make you ensure that your skin looks forever young. But wait up, did you ask what are causes the skin gets age in the first place?

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Climate Is A Big Problem For Skin Ageing: 

Climate Is A Big Problem For Skin Ageing

You believe it or not, but the weather does make a huge difference when it comes to affecting our skin. Too cold weather makes our skin dull, flaky whereas too hot makes it oily. And getting tan comes with its own problems too. Over a period of time, one can develop sunspots, fine lines, acne if you are constantly exposed to the sun. Regardless of what weather it is, always moisturise your skin twice a day with the right kind of product. 

Stress Leads To Ageing:

Stress Leads To Ageing

Yes, you heard it right! The next time you stress over a breakup or your favorite dish is not available, think that you are inching towards premature ageing. It’s time that you calm down and start listening to your body whenever you feel anxious. Treat yourself to calming music along with aromatherapy massage. Instead of finding solace in alcohol or smoking, opt for a spa treatment. 

Smoking & Drinking Habits Are A Big No: 

Smoking & Drinking Habits Are A Big No

It’s true that excess of anything is bad for our skin and health. Smoking not only damages your lungs but it develops fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Drinking alcohol too often damages your liver and causes discolorization of your skin tone. Even, it causes you to bloat in the unhealthiest way possible.

Healthy Diet= Healthy Skin: 

Healthy Diet= Healthy Skin

If your diet isn’t right, then no amount of skincare product you apply will work for you. Well, it’s okay to give in to your cravings, but not always. It is advisable to stay away from sugar, flour, and fried food, you’ll never see a pimple on your skin ever again. On the contrary, intake more of fruits and vegetables, drink more water. Well, you can start with 6 glasses of water a day and then slowly increase the number when you know your capacity.

Tricks And Tips To Look More Youthful

Now that we have enlightened you with the causes and habits one should stop to slow the ageing process. Yes, there’s time to read on the skincare routine as before that we are here to share some of the tips and tricks one should follow to look more youthful and healthy (some of them even I use). Here you go, girls sharing my secret as well! 

  • Follow a basic CTM routine – Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising. Cleansing removes all the impurities, bacteria, and oil from your skin. Follow it up with toning as you might have a little makeup residue on your skin. Finally moisturize as it will keep your skin moist, hydrated, and nourished. 
  • Whether you are outdoors or indoors, use an SPF. It’ll protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and prevent sun damage. Don’t laze up, if you haven’t, go & apply right away!
  • Do you like exfoliating too often? Avoid using a scrub that has microbeads in them as they can tear your skin and dry your skin out. Prefer the ones that have ingredients that suit your skin type and your skin concerns. 
  • If you’re using cotton pillowcases, we eager for you to stop right now. The only pillowcases you should be using are silk or satin ones as the cotton ones usually suck all the moisture out of your skin.
  • Use skin care products that don’t contain sulfates, parabens, or silicones. These ingredients are toxic in nature and if we use them often on the skin they can actually strip from their natural oils.
  • Lastly, before you start your day, instead of sipping caffeine intakes, you should drink a smoothie. A healthy drink with all your favorite fruits and veggies is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Best Skincare Routine For Anti-Ageing

You might be noticing fine lines, smile lines, and dark circles under your eyes, right? If you thought turning 25 is just a number then you are mistaken as your skin is ageing too. Wrinkles are still far away to worry about but have you noticed fine lines. What about skin discoloration and not-so supple & glowing skin? Yes, these all are signs that your skin is too ageing! But we are here to help you with the product you should invest in and what should be your skincare routine. 

Start With Cleansing: 

COSRX Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Cleanser

COSRX Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Cleanser

You just can’t skip on this step. With the right amount of active ingredients according to your skin type, one should choose a cleanser that wipes away impurities. COSRX Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Cleanser gently cleanses your skin by removing surface oils, makeup, and impurities. This cleanser comes infused with Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex that provides layers of replenishing moisture and Vitamin B5 that hydrates, smooths, and soothes your skin. Need more reasons to purchase it? 

Toning Is Essential: 

Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Toner

Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Toner

Do we need to mention again, how important toner is for our skin? Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Toner comes wrapped up with fruit extract that gives your skin a smooth texture. It helps to wipe off the dead skin cells while protecting the skin’s protective film. Just one toner pad will help you to wipe off all the dirt and impurities while providing you with fresh skin. Never say never skip toning! 

Exfoliation Makes Your Skin Younger: 

Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Toner

There are ladies who skip this step and end up losing natural elasticity, collagen, and suppleness. For exfoliation, I totally trust Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish as it melts away pore-clogging and oil and removes dead skin cells, leaving skin clean and soft to touch. Well, it has Vitamins A & E that moisturizes your softened dry, sensitive skin. You this exfoliator once or twice a week and you’ll get healthy glowing skin. 

Invest In A Good Serum: 

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Plus

Well, I know you haven’t used a serum yet, right? Serum might be an added step in your skincare routine but it’s the right time to invest in one. If you want your skin to glow even in your 30s, give your skin a boost of hydration with Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Plus. If you are dealing with age, acne spots, and want to reduce the appearance of blemishes this is your go-to-product. Made out of natural Jeju Green tangerine extract, this serum provides dark spot relief and brightens up your dark areas near the mouth and chin. 

Moisture Your Skin Well: 

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Plus

Once your skin feels fresh and hydrated, apply COSRX AC Collection Lightweight Soothing Moisturizer that moisturizes your skin that’s already dull and dry due to external stress. It relieves your skin concerns with Asiatic acid that helps to balance the skin’s barrier without causing irritation. Apply twice a day for better nourishment of active ingredients and boost hydration to your skin. With this special formula, your skin will return to its healthy state by controlling excessive sebum and balancing the skin’s natural pH level.

Never Skip Sunscreen: 

Rovectin Skin Essentials Aqua Soothing UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++

Whether you have plans to chill at home or step out for shopping in sun, you just can’t miss applying sunscreen. This skincare step should be a part of your regime right from your teenage till you are alive on this planet. If you want to invite skin problems like sunburns and skin damage, skip sunscreen. Rovectin Skin Essentials Aqua Soothing UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ is an organic sunscreen with SPF 50+ as it protects your skin from the harsh sun rays. Plus, this SPF helps to brighten up your skin while improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Well, now that we have enlightened you with causes tricks and skincare routine to combat ageing we are sure you are ordering it right now. Comment down below the product you swear by! 

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