7 Makeup Trends That Are Going Huge In 2022 Spring Season

What are your makeup aspirations for 2021? What’s on your mood board when you think of makeup and skincare? Well, after months of social distancing, a lot of fashion designers gave us front-row seats to their latest shows from Jacquemus romantic mid-field runway to Gucci’s 12-hour live stream I was totally glued. What about you? My eyes were trained for next season’s most inspiring make-up, fashion, and hair trends—and I’m not guilty about it (haha). 

Last year we all spent lying and watching shows on NETFLIX at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s given us more time to try our new things whether it’s experimenting with Face makeup colors or baking a sourdough break it’s time that you try it out. And the new year 2021, brings a fresh set of makeup trends one should master, and the two major themes trending are vibrant colours and nostalgia. While the Coronavirus outbreak is very much there, but this year’s makeup trends are out and we are beyond excited. From bold eye colour makeup to stained lips and the comeback of a certain era with the eyeliners, it’s safe to say that 2022 is actually a year of experimenting. It’s time to dust off your makeup bag and start perfecting these 7 makeup trends that have been stealing the show in 2022 already. Go on, put your Picasso hat on!

Fox Eye Makeup

It’s true that no-makeup look is ever complete without eyeliner? Gone are those days when doing matching your winged eyeliner was everything because it’s old news now! Beauty enthusiasts & influencers are going gaga over “Fox Eye makeup” and we’re loving this trend as always. As the name suggests, it involves using the magic of makeup to create an illusion of having fox eyes without using any liner, isn’t cool to try? Supermodel Bella Hadid has always been a constant with her fox eye makeup is everywhere, now we are crushing over her look. You don’t know how to go about it? Jahanvi is here to help you with an easy tutorial on creating fox eye makeup! And if you’re feeling fox too, then try out on your lids! Buy genuine eye makeup online in India at Maccaron.

Stained Lips 


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It’s quite evident that lipsticks took the back seat in the year 2020 and the same is happening in the year 2021 as well. While face masks aren’t going away anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear lipstick. In fact, lip stains have become our go-to-product when it comes to Insta lives and Zoom calls as they are quick and easy to apply and leaves a fresh look. Vanshika Goel, from Team M, has been ruling our hearts with her Korean makeup look and especially those stained lips which look so juicy yet so plump! Just swap your favorite go-to creamy red matte lipstick for a stain that’s less likely to be transferable to your mask. Also, a hack that I use, before applying lipstick I dab some loose powder on my lips. Try lipstick & let us know if it works for you! 

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Mismatched Eye Lids

Eye makeup has already dominated the world total!. For those who are all for edgy rather than simple eye colours, the mismatched lids trend is just for you so that you could experience a different look. From taking the multiple hues to the monochromatic route- your lids are your canvas. Eye makeup has totally become much more experimental with the increased use of dual and bold colours with metallic hues. I just can’t get over the fact that mismatched eyelids could look so pretty, Aashna Shroff is totally encouraging is to set out from our comfort zone, right? We are sure you must have tried that pop of pink colour on your eyelids, right? Think colourful cat eyeliner with pink and purple mismatched eyelids and bold voluminous mascaras— something that has made people invest in varieties that are either smudge-proof more than ever.

Graphic Liner

Graphic eyes were everywhere last year, and they promise to transition to this year as well. We aren’t nearly done with creating stunning shapes, plus, all that effort you put in to learn how to do a graphic eye should not go to waste. The graphic Liner makeup trend has been all over Instagram. And a favorite of professional makeup artists and Gen Z,  liquid liner in unique shapes with different colours encourages me to connect with my inner artist and have fun with an experimented look this year. I am totally crushing on blogger sisters- Aashna Hedge & Khushi Hedge eye makeup, the detailing is so perfect! I bet you’ve seen the ‘Floating eyeliner’ trend at least once on the ‘Gram because it’s so stunning. You don’t apply the eyeliner near your lashes but somewhere in the middle and it appears as if it’s floating on your lids. Cool, right?

Coloured Mascara

You all have seen colourful eyeliner all over Instagram, so it’s natural for you to expect shades of mascara trending in 2021? Coloured mascara not only adds a bit of playfulness to your look but makes your eyes look brighter and more awake. When it comes to this particular makeup trend, there are no colour restrictions. Whether bright-hued, peepy pinks, tantalizing teals, or blissful blues mascaras not only added a splash of colours but screamed sexy, classy, and poised. And guess what, Shalini Kutti is slaying the look, that blue mascara, I what! If you’re just staying in and Face-Timing for a date, swipe on a coat of bright mascara first. Check out mascara online from Maccaron at best price.

Less Is Always More

During the past couple of months, we all have embraced no makeup and fresh skin. Oh, to be au nature and we have been raving about glowing skin sans makeup. If you still haven’t begun a skincare routine, it’s never too late to start one. Cathy‘s skin look is plumpy and juicy, we are already crushing on it, it’s true skin investment is quite a deal this year as well. Surely, taking inspiration on skincare goals from Cathy! More and more people are shifting towards minimal makeup to highlight their features, the natural glow is the word for the skincare & beauty industry for 2022 as well. Double cleansing is the key when it comes to achieving that flawless no makeup-makeup skin! 

All Over Luminosity

Gloss is no longer just for lips, it’s time to give yourself an all-over glow by swiping a balmy highlight on cheeks, lips, lids. Stock up on the glow-boosting staples like illuminating primers and highlighters. While glowy complexions might look easy to you but it’s a tricky one to create for sure. Can you see the glow on Mayuri Varma‘s face, that highlighter is giving all the chills. This nude-highlighter popping makeup is something which I am trying out & taking tips from Mayuri for sure! You should know where exactly the shimmer goes so that it highlights your best points and doesn’t accentuate your imperfections. Yes, yes, we suggest you start practicing from today and you’ll know your way from April rolls around to glow at your BFF’s wedding functions! 

So there you have it, our favorite and the most trending beauty & makeup trends that will be making more headlines in 2022 as well. We are sure, you have already tried some of these trends already, how about trying a few more? Let us know in the comments section below, which one is your favorite! 

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