10 Awesome Everyday Beauty Products You Must Have

Right from your brother’s childhood crush to the girl next door, every other woman these days can be seen wearing layers of makeup with a chilly hot red lipstick. If you too find it overdressed and cringy, we are on the same page! In this era of no-makeup makeup look, girls prefer wearing light makeup and yet look drop-dead gorgeous.
Whether you are a heavy makeup person, a light makeup person, or simply a no-makeup person, there are a few beauty products that must be a part of your everyday
skincare routine. After all, every skin needs proper care and pampering to prevent it from harmful chemicals, dust, and dirt. Wondering what those must-have everyday beauty products are? Keep reading the article to find out!
List of top everyday beauty products you should buy right now:


Dreaming of flawless skin for a very long time? Then, don’t forget to add a bottle of cleanser to your everyday skincare habit. The cleanser is known to clean all the dirt and bacteria from your face, making your skin look fresh and gorgeous. In case you have oily or pimple-prone skin, you can go for a gel cleanser and in the case of normal skin, you must look for a foam-based cleanser.

Product Recommended:

With Korean beauty at its peak in the market today, we recommend you the extraordinary rich moist foaming cleanser from Klairs. This Korean beauty brand is 100% vegan and harmless. You check out many more Korean skincare & beauty brands and products at a reasonable price at Maccaron. Beauty products on this website can be availed at an amazing price using fabulous Maccaron coupons and deals. Pro Tip: Use a cleanser twice a day to get better results.

Face Moisturizer

Do you face extreme skin issues such as dryness or oiliness? If yes, moisturizer can be your best friend! Using a moisturizer helps you treat major skin issues. From rashes to dryness, from pimples to dullness, it is the best solution to all such problems. It also nourishes the skin from within and makes you look younger and prettier.

Product Recommended:

One of the best moisturizers in the market today is Neutrogena’s Oil-free moisturizer for combination skin type. Pro Tip: If you need a moisturizer for your face, it must be fragrance-free. And, if you are looking for your body, it must contain SPF 30.

Aloe Vera Gel

Don’t you agree, east or west, aloe vera gel is the best? It is the most important everyday beauty product for your closet. From moisturizing the skin to treating acne, it is no less than a gift to mankind. Made using all the natural ingredients, this gel is also safe for the skin and is sure to give a naturally glowing look.

Product Recommended:

Based on my personal experience, Patanjali aloe vera gel is the ruler of the market. It is because of its pureness and high-quality ingredients used. Pro Tip: Apply the gel to your face and leave it overnight. Your skin is repaired and enhanced in no time. It can also be used as the base of your makeup.

Vitamin C Serum

Be it skin dryness, rashes, scars, blemishes, acne, and much more., Vitamin C serum is considered no less than a godfather for the skin. It refreshes and rejuvenates your skin and cleans all the dirt from deep pores. It will also give your skin an even tone and prevent it from any sort of marks or pigmentation.

Product Recommended:

If you want a pure and harmless Vitamin C serum, then just go for the Bodyshop Vitamin C skin boost serum. It keeps the skin hydrated, soft, and moisturized. Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to use this serum in the morning before stepping out of the house to get its maximum benefits.


Ask around the city what makes a girl more beautiful? The answer will be kajal. This very beauty product is a must-have everyday makeup item. Wearing kajal will not just enhance your looks but also keep your eyes healthy. So, if you need sparkling bright eyes, don’t forget to apply kajal before you leave your house.

Product Recommended:

After years of personal use, I only prefer Eyetex Dazzler liquid kajal. It gives a strong and dark look and can also be used as an eyeliner. Pro Tip: Check the brush of the kajal before buying it. The thinner the brush, the better the stroke.

Lip Balm

Listen up! Your baby lips need to be taken care of! Believe it or not, lips are the cutest part of our body. Maintaining them is a must! With seasonal changes, your lips tend to become more dry and chapped. In order to get soft, juicy, and pink lips, you must carry a lip balm wherever you go! You can also go for lip balms with a light colour to make your lips look attractive.

Product Recommended:

I strongly recommend Nykaa Serial Kisser lip balm for everyday use. It comes in different flavours and is sure to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. Pro Tip: It is always advisable to use scent-free lip balm for daily use.

Eyeshadow Palette

We know you don’t want to include an eyeshadow palette in your everyday beauty routine. But, trust us, it will make you look like a diva. For everyday use, you can use an eyeshadow palette with nude shades. After all, nude shades will give you a light makeup look, making it very natural yet stunning.

Product Recommended:

When it comes to nude eyeshadow, Colorbar Nude eyeshadow palette always wins the game! Pro Tip: Using the right brush will make a huge difference. Always go from light to dark. Apply the light shade on the lid.

 Body Lotion

Now comes the most-loved item of everyone! Whether you have a bath or not, you will definitely apply a body lotion. After all, your body gets dried up soon due to extensive weather conditions and you won’t like it. In order to get rid of the dryness, body lotions are a must for your skin.

Product Recommended:

Coming to body lotions, my go-to one is none other than Jergens Ultra Healing. It will blend in your skin completely, deeply nourish it and prevent it from drying. Pro Tip: Opt for body lotions with shea butter, olive oil, Vitamin E, and mineral oil for better results.


A good fragrance can change the entire ambience of the room. You surely don’t want to smell bad in front of your friends, family, or colleagues. It is always suggested to own at least one bottle of perfume. We know you do! But, for those who don’t, this is high time! And, if you are not a fan of perfumes, you can always prefer the mild ones.

Product Recommended:

The most portable, mild, and top one in the market right now is Titan Skin Plus. Pro Tip: The best parts to sprinkle the perfume are behind the ears, pulse points, shoulder, and behind the knees.

Rose water

Last on the list is the baap of all the above- rose water. Yes! You read it right!! Rosewater is indeed a powerful product that can cure all your skin issues. Be it redness, rashes, dryness, acne, or marks, rose water is one of the must-have everyday beauty products. Just sprinkle a few drops on your face regularly and you can see a drastic change in no time.

Product Recommended:

Dabur Gulabari is the greatest rose water manufacturer of all time. The rose water by Dabur is absolutely chemical-free and remarkable. Pro Tip: You can use rose water for cleaning your makeup. It has antibacterial properties which will cleanse your skin and keep it fresh.


This brings us to the end of the article. If you don’t own any of these products, you must quickly buy them. It’s high time you get a petite vanity for yourself and throw all these products in there. Also, let us know if you need any more makeup and beauty tips in the comment below.

Author Bio:

Anushka Oza, a product of the ‘90s, a sincere devotee of Pink Floyd, and a free-spirited package of positive energies! Extremely social and fun to be around, this wordsmith takes her work seriously. She is an avid reader, big foodie, and travel junkie.

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