Goodal Experience: Genevieve’s Skin Transformation Journey From Acne-Prone To Healthy Glowing Skin

We all know how much a skin condition like acne affects someone’s life and overall confidence. Well, I have been in those shoes, I know it feels terrible to try tons of skincare products, back-to-back visits to Dermatologists such those pesky acne scars don’t leave you behind. Most of us are aware that those commonly prescribed skincare products for acne from tropical to oral are more often than not verging on the medical end of the spectrum rather than natural. What’s your approach DIY, medical, or Korean skincare products. If you ask me I would Korean skincare products after testing them and feeling confident in my own skin, all thanks to the Goodal-Korean skincare brand. 

Yes, Goodal products have transformed the skincare game for many people. Did you hear that Goodal Experience is coming back again? For those who still are aware! Macaron started off with Goodal Experience, welcoming our customers to join our community and get the first-hand experience on Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Set for FREE. The purpose is to understand our customer’s skin concerns and treat them in the right way by learning about them. Goodal Experience brings you with a 2-week blemish challenge as Goodal Serum is known for removing blemishes & brightening skin within 2 weeks. Surprised? Till date, we have sent out more than 500 sample serum sets to our lovely customers and we’re super excited to launch season two of Goodal experience. 

Well, today we thought of sharing an experience of one of our loyal customers- Genevieve who took part in this campaign drive and tested out Goodal serum set for two weeks. Well, mind you the results on her skin might shock you, honestly, we were. While her picturesque social media page is literally everything about her skincare goals, and we’re totally impressed! Ahead, Genevieve reveals how she reacted to her first application of the serum & her overall experience during the two weeks. Get excited, ladies!

Hi Genevieve, hope you are doing well. Let’s start with talking about your skin type and how were you introduced to Goodal Experience? 

I have oily skin which is prone to acne and my major skin concerns are breakouts, dark spots, and sebum production. I have been following Maccaron on Instagram for a while now and I buy most of my Korean skincare products. One fine day, I saw the post regarding the Goodal experience for anyone who had liked to try it. So, I inquired about it and with no hesitation, I took the survey and sent my details because I was actually in need of serum at that moment. Well, the first thought that came to my mind was “let me just give this one a try”. Initially, I had no expectations for the product to work because it’s not a skincare product that influencers talk about. It’s under-rated for its own good, I must say! 

That’s true! Now that you have been using the Goodal Serum Set, we would like to know how this K-beauty product changed your skincare game?

First of all, I was astonished at how my skin started changing, because I had a lot of breakouts and dark spots. The Goodal serum set has brightened up my skin immediately, like the glow it gives is evident. And my skin began to look more healthy, it strengthened my skin barrier and reduced breakouts. Total skin game-changer for me! 

What’s a misconception people have about acne and people with acne?

There are a lot of misconceptions concerning acne and people that have acne as people think acne is caused by uncleanliness or dirt. They think people with acne don’t drink enough water, they also believe that if you stop taking care of your skin, you will stop breaking out. I have heard multiple times that popping a pimple makes it heal faster or disappear. You might have also heard them saying that applying makeup causes one to break out even more! People with oily skin like me are advised to not apply moisturizer because it will make me more oily and trigger acne. Well, I must say that this list could go on and on if I talk about the misconceptions people have (smiles).

What was your first impression after using Goodal Serum the first morning? How did getting healthier skin make you feel?

For the first impressions, personally, I love products that are non-sticky, hydrating, and brightens up my skin. And the Goodal serum set was that product, although I wasn’t expecting anything from it at the onset. Getting healthier skin made me more confident, and happy! I wanna have clear glowing skin always, that way people won’t be asking questions like “if you are drinking enough water or taking your bath regularly”. 

What’s your favourite Korean skincare product & what are your three non-negotiables when it comes to wearing makeup with acne?

I don’t like to have favourites when it comes to skincare. I have different views on different things, be it skincare or otherwise but if I really had to pick one, it would be Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence or the Goodal Sheet Mask. I am choosing these two because my main target for my oily skin is hydration. When it comes to makeup, it’s okay to wear it whilst dealing with acne but you must keep these few things in mind which I follow: 

  •  Always wear your sunscreen before applying makeup.
  •  Don’t sleep with your makeup on.
  •  Wash your makeup applicators( brushes & sponges) after use.

How would you rate the Vita C Cream & Mask?

I would say the Vitamin Cream works well with the serum, but I am not sure if I can use it during the summer period, as it’s quite oily for me. And the sheet mask is super nourishing, it’s the best mask I have ever tried!

What has your experience been with acne specifically after using Goodal serum? Would you recommend this product to your friends and family? 

I started seeing results within 2 weeks of using the Goodal serum set and my breakouts reduced drastically. Certainly, I have already recommended this product to so many people, and they love it, although skincare is a subjective topic, so what worked for me may not work for others. With the weather changing, I still get to break out here and there, but it’s manageable. Honestly, I have repurchased the Vitamin C serum, and the cream as well.

Also, stay tuned for Goodal Experience part 2, it would be more interesting & promising for sure! 

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