5 Best Beauty Looks From Blackpink’s ‘How You Like That’ Music Video

What pops your mind when you hear ‘Korean beauty’- dewy skin, minimal makeup, youthful glow, radiant complexion, and much more. Korean makeup has gone through a lot of innovations in the past couple of years and it has been making its rounds on the trends charts and it continues to do so. Every year makeup evolves with exciting innovations that instantly become a worldwide hit. And the queens of ‘Blackpink’ are back in the area and we just keep calm! 

Well, for those of you who don’t know about Blackpink. Blackpink is a South Korean girl musical group consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Well, they are the first Korean act and music group to have three music videos each accumulate one billion views over YouTube. The group made a long-awaited comeback with a music video ‘How You Like That’. All we can say about it is You like that! Korean makeup is rife with killer combinations of creamy glass skin, dreamy eyes, and plush lips. It’s true, in these music videos, these tropes turned their head to create looks that are bright and best. Well, the hit song and their beautiful moments are tap-worthy. Let’s take you through the classic and bold looks, here are the 5 best makeup looks that Lisa, Jessie, Jisoo, and Rosé pulled off in their latest music video.

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Spidery Lashes 

Instead of focusing on giving your lashes full and long, Spidery lashes appear to draw instant attention to your eyes. But our K-pops are loving the mascara that includes larger and thicker lashes. Trust us, if you have shorter lashes, this will make them stand out. To try this look, tight-line the upper lash line and then finally smoke out brown eyeshadow on the lower lash like a reverse cat-eye look. Isn’t the spidery lashes and the smudged eyeshadow for that slept-in look. Well, Jisoo’s lower lash line is doing all the talking for us, what about you? 

Popsicle Lips

We aren’t unfamiliar with the gradient lip, right? It’s a Korean beauty trend, well for a good reason as these Korean women use lip powder or a loose powder to apply diffused colour to create a blurred finish so that it looks like you have just sucked a popsicle for long (not kidding). To get a lip finish like Jennie’s, sweep a thin coat of a lip tint on your lips and then dab a loose powder in the center to give a plumpy look too. Try it yourself, you’ll love it! 

One-Eyed Eyeshadow 

How about matching your lipstick with your eyeshadow? Jisoo paired her lips by painting in a magenta lip colour and applied the same bright shade all across her eyelid, but on one eye. Yes, surprised, try it once! The multi-tasking makeup products that work for your eyes, lips, and cheeks have been quite a trend we are always rooting for. And with Jisoo’s one-eye eyeshadow, I’m impressed how this has totally changed her entire look! 

Face Embellishments

In this video, you won’t just find the music electric, but the looks of these K-pops girls will blow away your mind. In this music video, the makeup has gone beyond just the lip stains and cat-eye looks. In fact, they have used chains, stickers, metal studs, paint, glitters, and rhinestones to turn each of the K-pop’s faces into a piece of art. Isn’t it eye-catching? What caught our attention is these appliqué tears that match the red getup, and they mimic fun styles. 

Glitter Under-Liner

If you are planning to amp up the drama in your entire look, how about using glitter on the lower lash line as Rose did in the music video to turn into a shake-up. Let’s teach you! Rim the bottom lash line with some thicker glitter flecks bringing it up towards the edge. And then finally you can complete a cat-eye look on the upper lid making sure the shape is still upwards side. 

Watch The Music Video Here: 

Well, now that you have covered all the best makeup and hairstyle looks that Jessie, Lisa,  Rosé, and Jisoo pulled off in their latest video, it’s time to give it a try. We’re sure you’re gonna love Korean makeup looks like you love their skincare routine. Until then stay tuned! 

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