6 Best & New Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix in 2021

Welcome to the world of K-drama and if you’re new to this venture, then we’ll help you to get started with bang on series. K-dramas are full of healthy doses of mystery, heartbreak moments, adorable dates, sizzling chemistry, and oh-oh-so delicious-looking guys. Basically, it’s every girl’s romantic fantasy! 

We all know that the South Korean film and TV industry has been around for over half a century but in the last two decades, the rise in recognition from all over the world has been incredible. Well, of course after the historical win for Parasite at the 2020 Academy Awards. Are you also ready to dip your toes into the world of K-dramas and looking for high-intense trending series to watch on Netflix —from romantic comedies to zombie horror shows to historical fiction to superhero flicks and more. Time to pick a genre, and settle in for a marathon we can guarantee you’re going to find the latest binge-worthy addiction. Since we’re getting none of this in our real lives, we might as well watch it on a screen in Korean dramas. Shall we?

  1. Love Alarm 

Genre: Romance & Comedy 

Starring: Song Kaug, Shim Yi Young, Kim So Hyn, Go Min Si

In the digitalized age, our lives are getting increased too. An unknown developer releases a dating app that goes viral in South Korea. And the app tells the user if someone within 10 feet of them has romantic feelings for them. The day-to-day life gets disrupted and Soon Jojo finds her caught in a love triangle between Lee Hye-Yeong and Hwang Sun-oh, the handsome model and his best friend. It would be quite interesting to know what will happen next in Love Alarm

2. Start-Up

Genre: Drama, Romance

Starring: Kim Seon‑ho, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bae Suzy, and Kang Han Na 

As its name suggests, Start-Up is all about a group of millennial individuals working in Silicon Valley (a Korean version). While their professional struggles, you’ll also witness the usual, like love triangles, meet-cutes, etc. Starring Bae Suzy, a woman dreams of being an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs. But her life becomes entwined with one of the founders of a tech company. Well, the story takes a spin as she believes he’s her first love who sent her a letter when younger. Get ready to go on the emotional journey of the main character trying to make a name for themselves in the business and hopefully falling in love.

3. Vincenzo

Genre: Dark Comedy 

Starring: Song Joong‑ki, Jeon Yeo-been, Ok Taecyeon, and Kwak Dong-Yeon 

Well, Vincenoz is the latest hit from South Korea and stars Song Joong-Ki as the lead character named Vincenzo. He was adopted by the head of an Italian crime family at a young age and grew up to become a mafia. Betrayal forces Vincenzo to flee to Korea, where he finds his new enemy to take down. Witness how a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer gives a taste of its own medicine with of course some justice too in his own language. 

4. When The Camellia Blooms

Genre: Rom-com & Thriller

Starring: Kang Ha‑Neul, Gong Hyo-jin, Jung Ga-ram, and Kim Kang-hoon 

When the Camellia Blooms is ultimately an interesting story of love, told through the incredible plotline involving a single mom, serial killer, social stigma, and small-town drama. Hooked? Gong Hyo-jin shifts to a small town with her young son and opens up a bar. She faces ridicule for being the first single mom and serving alcohol, mostly to men. But a local police officer (Kang Ha-Neul) gets instantly smitten. And on the go, there will be a serial killer and she’s her next target for sure! We’re intrigued to know what happens next, what about you? 

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5. Sweet Home

Genre: Drama, Korean horror

Starring: Song Kang, Lee Do-Hyun, Lee Si-young and Go Min-si 

Sweet Home is the Korean horror series that reached #3 on Netflix’s Top 10 list. If you’re into the zombie genre, get ready to get hooked on this apocalyptic show which follows the life of Song Kang as Cha Hyun-soo who moves into a rundown apartment after his family gets killed in a car accident. People in the city start to turn into monsters of various forms, Chan Hyun-soo with his fellow band of misfit survivors fights to protect humanity. Honestly, I was quite hooked on this show!  

6. Taxi Driver

Genre: Action, Crime film

Starring: Lee Je‑hoon, Pyo Ye-jin, Esom, and Park Eun-Seok 

Taxi Driver is adapted from the original animated series of the same name. It’s about a mysterious taxi service that enacts justice on behalf of victims. Lee Je-hoon is one of the drivers whose mother was murdered and Esom is a lawyer while Lee Na-Eun is an IT specialist. Many consider her as a hacker but the story unturned when three crossed paths along the way. It’s a great combination of action, horror, drama, and crime —you can expect a lot of thrills.

If you ask my personal choice from where to begin, start with Crash Landing On You then Start-Up, and finally follow the list shared above. It’s time to shake things up and step into the world of k dramas to watch on Netflix and get hands-on some incredible storylines while we’re under lockdown due to this pandemic. Let us know which of these is your pick and you’re all set to start your binge-watch session with us. Chill with Netflix and pamper your skin with Maccaron skincare routine https://www.maccaron.in/en/marketing/offers/

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